Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Random Insanity (part II)

Okay, where did I leave off? Oh yes, my countdown backwards from five ended at two, when I looked at the clock and realized I was supposed to be at the church in ten minutes and wasn’t even close to ready to walk out the door. When I get in a zone, I am terrible at keeping track of time. So that was numero dos.

Finally…last one.

WARNING: If you’ve ever said in your head (or out loud), “don’t show me your dogs!” then you should click away NOW!

Also, I’m not sure we can be friends. But since I’m a kind person who loves dogs, I’ll try not to hold it against you if you don’t. LOL.

Anyways, for the last bit of random: a selfie. =)


These guys are the most loyal buggers….

and let’s face it, I’m a sucker for sweet puppy dog eyes….fdavisweb-1000321

What’s NOT to love?

Okay, you got me, when they’re sleeping with you at night and a turd accidentally slips out and leaves a nasty mess because you’re all asleep and don’t find it until it’s squished on the bed at 4am…..yeah, THAT’S not to love.

But the fact that they are faithful, loving, and loyal, no matter that it is 4am and they just got kicked out of their warm bed and scolded for reasons they don’t even understand…well…I can only hope that someday when I’m elderly and things come out of MY rear that I’m not aware of, that I’m as cooperative and loving and loyal to whoever drags me out of my warm bed and scolds me for doing things I didn’t even know I was doing. LOL. 

Anywho, it’s been a full day (starting at 4am…lol) and I’m nowhere near finished with everything that needs to be finished, but I’m pretty much mentally finished. I’ll deal with the rest later. I probably shouldn’t have spent so much time blogging. LOL. On that positive note (haha), I’m out.

See ya around!

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