Friday, January 29, 2016


Apparently Windows Live Writer is no longer an up to date program so I’m trying out another program called Open Live Writer, which is pretty similar in looks and use. I’m just testing out how this does for posting images.

DogOnMyBed (1 of 1)

I have noticed there is no spell check in this one. LOL. Rut-roh. On the bright side, it doesn’t give me those angry, red, ziggy lines underneath my made-up words like “rut-roh.” LOL.

Guess what…I showed that picture up there on the big screen in class as one of my photographic style examples for my homework. And I got a “I don’t want to see dog pictures” from the teacher. LOL…Rut-roh again…I have a non-dog-lover teacher. This is bad. Bad.

I LOVE dog photography.

What if my business is dog photography?

Arm Twisting Time

So I’ve been extremely busy….blogging has been the last thing on my mind. And honestly, it still is. I got through Christmas and every busy part of that, then I got through break, which I crammed as full as I could before school started back. Then school started back, five days a week this semester (which is why I crammed as much as I could into my break, because I knew I would have literally no time the rest of the semester).

Anyhow, I got through all that. Now I just have to get through this semester. One of my classes is requiring active social media presence so I’ve had to start back on my photography page and by extension, here I am again on the blog.

It helps that I have a few hours to look like I’m taking notes and work on my social media presence instead. LOL.

As a side note, not only is my arm being twisted in the social media department, I’m also sorta halfway in the kids taikwando classes as of the last two months and last night we were learning wrist grabs and take-downs, so the arm twisting has also been quite literal. LOL. I really like that kind of arm twisting though.

Back to the figurative arm twisting aspect of social media for school, I had entrepreneurship last semester and this year I have to have business of photography, which is a lot of the same stuff (and I dislike it just as much as last semester), but this semester I have to work more in detail on branding and advertising, etc. So I’ll probably be around quite a bit more out of sheer necessity. Sometimes it’s great to have my arm twisted a bit….gets my rear in gear.

Business class is blah though. I'm so not into this side of things....but I will do what must be done. So on we go.