Thursday, November 03, 2016

Something Smells Fishy

Maybe it’s the lobster clip-art we had to try to recreate with illustrator in class tonight. =)


That’s a lot of layers and shapes to redraw that booger…makes me TOTALLY appreciate artists a whole lot more! OMYWORD!

Or maybe that icky stink is when you find out that people you thought were your friends (or if not friends, at least not enemies) have suddenly ceased to exist to you on facebook. I mean, it’s one thing to just not be facebook friends…but it takes dislike to a whole new level when you actually go into your privacy settings and find the block list, and search a person’s name to add them to it. Like, you were uber-friendly to me in real life, I don’t understand why the facebook hate! Seriously?!

Something’s fishy.

Believe me, if I’ve put you on my block list (which is a VERY short list, by the way…I typically like pretty much everybody), then I’m probably going to be the very minimum of polite in real life…I definitely won’t be all uber-friendly.

My current block list (I know, I know….it’s killing you to not know, right?) consists of one person from college that absolutely drove me up the wall (and they probably know exactly who they are simply by my level of bare courtesy…hopefully they don’t read this blog), a couple of family members of someone who hated me enough to block me (because if you have those kinds of strong feelings against me, I would hate for you to “accidentally” see my stuff on your family member’s profile), and a couple of spam strangers. That’s it…because I generally get along okay with most people.

Or at least I thought I did. Maybe not.

Also did you know that if you block someone, not only can they never see your existence on facebook, but you can also never see THEIR existence on facebook. So for example, if you block a particular Jane Doe and then forget that you did it and want to go see what they’re up to, you can search them on facebook all day long and never find them unless you go unblock them in your privacy settings. Facebook wants to make sure you’re not secretly stalking people I guess. LOL. Or at least not on THAT profile. Also, if they’ve blocked you, you can’t block them back (because they no longer exist to you on facebook). So if there’s someone you can’t stand, hurry up and block them first (unless it’s me, in which case, you should tell me what I’ve done before you go to that extreme! LOL).

Hahahaha! Oh well…better to laugh than cry, right?!

It definitely smells better that way.

Unless, of course, a toot slips out while you’re laughing…then things might get fishy smelling again!

BWAHAHAHAHAHA. You probably couldn’t tell that I’m tired, could you!!?? ROFL


Monday, October 31, 2016

Angry Birds

So I’m looking for something to practice the Illustrator Pen Tool on….and this bird just fit my mood. This is my rendition of a pixelated little graphic I found on the internets.


Not that I’m angry, exactly…just in a bit of a mood.

The original had a bit more depth of shadow in it, but I mostly wanted to practice the pen and outlines.

As far as mood…sometimes it feels like I take two steps forward and get shoved twelve steps back…sometimes that gets aggravating. S’all right though. Still blessed. *takes a deep breath* Sometimes trying to stay positive gets aggravating, too!

Tomorrow K-man gets to have his first Orthodontist visit. I thought we were going to get by without anybody needing braces…but nope. He’s nervous and not thrilled, but the dentist said his bite is really off, so we gotta do it.

Homeschooling is keeping me hopping like a frog. Maybe that will be my next practice with the pen tool…a froggy clip art. ahahaha. The kids are doing pretty well with it, but it is a LOT of work and takes LOTS of patience. I’m not complaining though, the flexibility and convenience is amazing! =)

Anyways, I’m taking my grouchy little birdy self off the computer now…need to get ready for bed.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Surely Goodness & Mercy

Mercy…that’s been on my mind a LOT lately. Thinking about it, trying to give it, and mostly asking for just a little more! Lord help.

ANYWHO, second illustrator class. Came home to practice working with the pen tool and added in some practice with typing on a path. It’s subtle but it’s there…and readable, if you’re patient and familiar with the Twenty-third Psalm. =)

illustrator class2

Life is hard, but God’s still good. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Illustrator Class…

I had a little too much fun playing in class….the best kinds of classes are the ones you can play in…lol!


I love that I can now figure out how to create my OWN graphics!! Yippee!!

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

What’Cha’Ma’Call Crazy

I haven’t even looked to see when the last time I blogged might have been…my life kinda turned nuts.

Maybe I’ll do better.

Maybe I won’t.

At this point, I can’t make any promises.

We spent July in Florida. That was amazing. Also in July, we decided that we would be homeschooling the upcoming school year.

August…I’m not sure where it went. The PTDQ went to Seattle to visit her Aunt for a week. The K-man started playing football with the local optimist club team. We started homeschooling. We went to Wilderness in the Smokies.

September…I blinked and it was no more. K-man turned 11, I kept a bunch of kids several nights because he wanted a birthday sleepover. We are still surviving homeschool…and at home very little thanks to the tons of homeschool group activities that are available…lol. I started selling Thirty-One again…just to get my wish list of stuff….lol.

October is here already and the time for our annual cruise is creeping up fast! I am so excited. But I have so many things to do between now and then. *sigh*

Blog for the first time in ages – Check
Get to the rest of the to-do list – NOT checked!!!!

LOL. Later!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Life Is Good (Part 2)

So on Tuesday at noon, my lovely antagonistic gallbladder was removed from my body. Full of stones and infected, the little bugger.

Guess I can now check “get stitches” off my bucket list.

I went straight from the doctors office to the same day surgery center at the hospital on Tuesday and thankfully, both the doctor office AND the same day surgery center have much more comfortable waiting rooms than the ER. And even more thankfully, I didn’t need to spend as much time in either one of them. I think the amount of time between being seen in the doctor’s office and coming out of surgery minus a gallbladder was about equal to the amount of time we spent in the ER on Sunday morning. I don’t care now though, I’m just glad I don’t hurt now like I was hurting on Sunday morning.

When I checked into same day surgery, they put me right in a room and prepped me for surgery (prepped as in: made me wear a terribly unfashionable yard of fabric with strings that let in WAYYY too much air in the back end, and gave me a nice IV which was probably one of the most painful parts of the whole thing…she was great at putting it in, but I just am not on friendly terms with things that poke me).

So I made sure that the anesthesiologist was aware that I’m a lightweight and my body might get too relaxed and want to stop breathing but I would very much like to make sure I wake up at the end of the surgery. He made a note and said not to worry, he’d make sure of it, and they really liked to have all of their patients wake up at the end. LOL. The note was probably just for my reassurance, but it worked. LOL.

It finally got to noon and they rolled me back. He said he was going to give me a little test shot of anesthesia in my IV while we were going down the hall. About 2 minutes later my blinks resembled something more like 30 second cat naps. Like I said, lightweight. I remember rolling into the OR and thinking…hmmm…this doesn’t really look like Grey’s Anatomy. LOL. Then they asked me to slide over onto the table and I bobbled my way over like a little drunk lady. They put my arm out to the side and then I was waking up in the recovery room. Only, I didn’t really know it was the recovery room and I wasn’t really awake. I was just rolling around in the bed trying to get away from this awful pain in my stomach. They got the pain under control and FINALLY I was able to get some ice chips for the awful dry mouth. Those were the best ice chips ever. Then they took me back to a room where I could get real clothes on again, and off I went.

Okay, it wasn’t that simple. I had to sign a bunch of papers, I had to move at the speed of molasses in Alaska to get dressed, and then I got a lovely wheelchair ride to the door.

But I finally got home. Everything was good…except for all the gas. HOLY cow! That part hurt almost as much as the gallstones.

But even that went away by today. Today was much better. Except for the part where I took a shower and almost passed out because I looked at my stitches. Wooh.

I’m slowly feeling better. I can’t wait for the soreness to go away so I can get back to doing stuff. Being sick is not for me. LOL. It has been SO nice how everyone has jumped in to take care of me though…I feel VERY loved. People have brought in food, treats, flowers, and dropped by to visit or stay with me. I’ve gotten a ton of texts and emails and facebook messages and phone calls…it’s been amazing. I’ve been told to enjoy the rest. I’m trying. It’s so hard when I’m so used to DOING. Being busy. Not sitting in a chair all day. LOL. So I’ve colored a few pages, slept a LOT, read a book brought to me by a lovely friend, nibbled at some food, and that’s pretty much it. Very UN-busy…but I’m still so tired.

But life is still good and it’s getting better. I’m just glad that little bugger is out and I’m on the recovery side. Whew. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel and I think this is one that’s safe to go to…lol. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Life Is Good

Even though I’ve been horrible at blogging it. LOL. So, since last post over a month ago, I’ve worked on the house, worked on photographing events and people, decided to homeschool our kids next year, taken a continuing education class on InDesign, read a few books, cooked a few meals, proctored end of grade testing at three different middle schools, and generally stayed extremely busy. Looking at my calendar just makes me a little dizzy.

Or maybe that’s the medication. Oh. Did I mention that yesterday, after like 8 years of mostly peaceful co-existence with my gallstones, they decided to stop the cease-fire and attack with a vengeance? They did. Woke me up at 1am and sent me to the bathroom puking. I thought it was just really bad heartburn at first, but the antacids didn’t even touch the pain. After about the third episode of getting way too friendly with the porcelain throne, I decided it might be a good idea to just go on to the ER. (Okay, it wasn’t exactly decided on my own, KC was pretty insistent, because we were both pretty sure it was those dratted gallstones acting up.)

And after I quit Dr. Pepper completely, too! SMH

Anywho, we got to the ER around 4am. After sitting in the miserably uncomfortable ER waiting room for 2.5 hours, during which I was forced into becoming uncomfortably and intimately acquainted with THEIR porcelain throne, and was reduced to silent tears at least twice, we were finally taken back to a room.

The doctor said it looked like my gallbladder and they would do an ultrasound to see what was happening. Then they ran the typical rounds of tests, and put an IV in my wrist for meds. Kudos to the nurses for hitting my poor dehydrated veins on the first try without having to dig around to find them. That’s happened to me before when I WAS hydrated prior to the sticks. Fun times.

Then they gave me some meds. Funner times. One for nausea…yay…no more hugging up on strange toilets! After that one, came an antibiotic and a pain-killer. I remember very little after that. I remember hearing voices talking, someone telling me to breathe, people saying I was sleeping (in which I wanted to say,no, I’m not, I can still hear you!…although I have no idea what else they said, just that they were talking a lot, so maybe I WAS sleeping), then I opened my eyes and KC wasn’t sitting beside me anymore and I had no idea how I got there, when I opened my eyes again, some nurse said she was going to do the ultrasound, then she told me to breathe a couple of times, then I opened my eyes and KC was next to me again and he was laughing.

Anyway, another day has passed since I started this post. It takes me multiple days to blog now…I have to pause for nap breaks every five minutes. 13403355_10209388197164533_7537523107819730237_o

I never did find out what KC was laughing at when I woke up in the ER in my last paragraph. He says he didn’t take embarrassing pictures but we’ll see. LOL. The nurse or doc or somebody came back in right as I was trying to wake up enough to find out what was so funny, and they were telling me that apparently, me being such a lightweight when it comes to pain meds, I went out super fast and relaxed so much that I stopped breathing and my oxygen dropped. Woops. And that explained why I woke up with the oxygen on my face and why people kept squeezing my feet and telling me to breathe.

So anyway, they wouldn’t do anything Sunday because it was Sunday. They said to call first thing on Monday morning, so we did. They first said I could come in for an appointment on Thursday morning to see if I needed surgery. I was like whoa there…I am stuck in zombie land because if I don’t take the pain meds it hurts like the devil, and I can’t be stuck in zombie land until THURSDAY just to be seen, much less waiting even longer for the surgery. Of course, I said it nicely. But anyway, they called back a few minutes later and said, Tuesday morning you’ll see the doc. Much better! Then this morning the doc checked me out and said we could do it anytime in the next couple of days. Naturally, KC and I were both like…today? We didn’t really think he’d say okay, but he did.

Anyways, I’ll have to come back again later. Meds are zombify-ing me again and I can’t think clearly.

Life is good!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Homework Time

For starters, now that I’ve graduated, it’s time to get some actual home work done…my poor house has suffered in my excessive busy-ness. LOL.

Also, it’s literally homework time…kid number 2 is sitting in the floor (don’t ask me why…we have perfectly good desks) doing his vocabulary homework with the dictionary, while mumbling the Lord’s prayer. “Our father, which art in heaven…” and occasionally interspersing this mumbling with, “why can’t I just use the computer? Google’s faster!”

“Yes, son, but faster isn’t the point here…you need to know how to use a dictionary.”


So yesterday I did a room swap with previously mentioned kid and my office. His room was originally directly above the hubby’s office downstairs and as much as I would like him to do everything with prayer and supplication, his typical method of doing things is with thumping and tapping. As you can imagine, it can get quite annoying to be in the office beneath him trying to work.

Although now that I’m working in his old room, he comes in here to do his homework at my feet, with the usual thumping and tapping, so I’m not sure the whole room swap could be considered entirely successful.

On the other hand, his room was turning into maggot-ville, since he’s very much boy, and now that everything has been pulled out and cleaned in the process of transferring it, I feel like at least part of the process may have accomplished some good. Maybe I should room swap everybody so that all our rooms will be that clean. Haha. Not that it will last long…lol.

Anywho, back to work for me…looks like my photos have finished exporting…time to get this batch finished.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Last Minute

Oh my stars. I’ve been so busy that I haven’t even had the time to drop in and say how busy. Haha. I’m down to the very last minute of getting ready for my portfolio show at the art museum tomorrow morning. It’s 10:39, I’m the only person awake in the house, and I’m printing the paperwork for tomorrow (which I worked all evening on re-creating because I decided I didn’t like what I had already created). I know, more work for myself.

It looks fantastic now though…I’m so much happier with it. I’m also gathering together all my stuff for tomorrow, and painting my nails…my luck, I’m going to mess them up typing this. LOL. The printer is so slow though that I’ve written this whole post while carefully keeping the nails from hitting anything in the same amount of time as the printer has printed one more sheet. Yikes. I may never get to bed.

Anyway, I just have to get through tomorrow, and then I have to get back to all the other things that have been neglected during my last minute getting ready frenzy. =)

Fun stuff. =) I’m so ready to graduate! =)

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Lessons From The Walking Dead

So my hubby finally got me hooked on WD. I resisted for the longest time just because I’m stubborn like that. It’s got some issues that I don’t care for (what TV show doesn’t anymore), but I try to make it a habit of looking for the good.

Anyway, the other night, a quote from Beth just smacked me in the gut. She said, “When you care about people, hurt is part of the package.”

Oh snap.

I had this huge, long post written out and then my app quit working. So all that is gone, and maybe for the best. But I still feel like I need this little positive pep talk for myself. Reminders.

Sometimes surviving is hard.
Sometimes it feels like it would be easier to just give in and be a zombie. Dead but still walking.
Sometimes you have to say goodbye to people you care about.
Sometimes it’s hard to tell the good guys and the bad guys apart. 
Sometimes you disagree.
Sometimes you do or say stupid things even when you’re trying to do or say all the right things.
Sometimes you have to forgive and be forgiven.
And we’re ALL infected.

Being human is hard. Surviving is hard. You need people, you need to be there for each other, you need family (whether they’re blood or not), and sometimes you have to do really hard things for their sake. Sometimes you have to keep going just for them.

And never stop hoping.

When you care about people, hurt is part of the package. Accept it and keep on caring.

Dear God, help that girl in my mirror.

Saturday, April 09, 2016

Throwdown Time

Wow. I have been burning the candle on every end, it seems. I posted this on photography blog (which is actually where I’ve been lately, and boy, is it ever hard to be in two places at once…lol), but anyways, I went with some friends and classmates to the Light Factory in Charlotte today for a portfolio throwdown, aka critiquing session for students. It was an all day event, so I’m exhausted now, but totally jazzed about the feedback I received. I took my work in progress for this portfolio and the critiques they gave were totally enlightening. I have some things I’m going to tweak a little and I think it will make my final project amazing. It was very cool.

springbreak-6So because I’ve been so busy with trying to finish school and life in general, I have once again neglected the personal blog temporarily. I’m trying to do better, but in the meantime, check the photography blog for the updates I’ve posted this past month.                                     –>

My portfolio show is coming up in just a few weeks. I’ll be posting more details about it on the photography blog in the near future. It’s been an interesting project this semester, and I’m having a lot of fun with it.

I had a great time with my first portfolio project of the purses, and this one has been interesting in it’s own way. I’m very excited about sharing some of the stories that are told in people’s faces and hands. I’m not ready to move on from this project yet, even though I’m already getting excited for my next one. LOL. Fun times!

Work, work, work…lotta hard work, but we’re getting there!

Till next time…

Friday, March 11, 2016

Friday Frustrations

Oh my word. It is so annoying to sit in class and hear people chatting while the teacher is teaching. I care not if people aren’t paying attention, but it’s just annoying to listen to people talking out loud (even though it’s quietly) in addition to the instructor’s voice.

I do pretty well with the “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all” policy, I haven’t said anything…or even made any faces, but sometimes I just need to vent out my Friday Frustrations.

Mondays used to be my one dreaded day of the week, but this semester, it’s definitely Fridays. Class seems to be much more focused today, which is great. But it’s still business of photography, which is all slightly less interesting to me than the art of photography.


So this past Sunday, we hiked up a local mountain. It was a lot of fun…around 6 something miles of fun. And the view from the top was cool!

But a couple of days later, I have some kind of contact dermatitis. On both arms. And I don’t think I touched anything at all while we were hiking. The trail was pretty wide, so it wasn’t like branches were hitting my as I passed or anything.

Frustrating. So now, I’m having to find a family doctor who can see me and give me something for it. I’ve evidently not been to the family doctor in 3 years, so I’m off their records. Sheesh.

Then, the PTDQ tossed her cookies at school, so my sweet hubby picked her up. Thank heavens for my fantastic hubby being home working this week so I don’t get an absent from class.

And I’ve also apparently developed seasonal allergies. OH MY STARS.

Last night we moved the bed and removed one giant pile of allergens (also known as the rug that kept my tootsies warm when that dreadful time of morning arrived and I was forced out of my bed). I’m pretty sure all that dust and dander flying around when we cleaned up the area made my allergies much worse because today the coughing and sinus drainage are killer. Blech.

So there’s my Friday Frustrations for this week. Now I need to go edit some pictures and do some work on my photo sites. This semester is whooping my tail. Can’t wait for graduation!

Hope your Friday is more of a Friday and less of a Monday!

Friday, March 04, 2016

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily….

Is today Monday? It feels like Monday. I’m all mixed up on my days. I woke up with one of the worst headaches I’ve had in a long while…the kind that makes you want to yank your hair out, throw up, or both. Then, faced with an 8 am class, I had no choice but to get ready in spite of the nausea.

Nausea, from the headache, not nausea from the prospect of class….although there are certain people in there that have holes in their face that never stop moving which is actually a bit nauseating at times.

THEN, my darling child, whose chore it is to walk the dogs in the morning, and who has a frequent tendency to rush the dog’s potty time because their own self dawdled and is now running out of time, brought one of the aforementioned dogs into the house, where it proceeded to finish its business. Because of this frequent tendency, despite being asked NOT to rush the dogs, this darling child gets to clean up business done in the house when it is directly due to rushing the morning walk. Consequence fits the crime and all that. Today it was straightforward and simple, not messy or anything. Just a simple tissue pick-up and flush. Easy peasy.

So my lovely, sweet, totally undramatic, child decided to make gagging sounds while flushing this 1 minute consequence of rushing doggy potty time. Ya’ll know that if you fake gag enough times, you hurl, right? Yep. It’s a fact. Mostly hit the toilet.

That didn’t help MY nausea any at all, but I swallowed down my gags so I wouldn’t follow suit.

Joys of parenting.

My headache finally went away, about halfway through class. Then I sat at the desk and it caught and ripped my favorite pair of totally broke in jeans.

Life is but a dream, people….

Sometimes it mildly resembles a nightmare. Happy Fri-Monday  

Wednesday, March 02, 2016


Goodness, I am so sleepy today. I stayed up way too late last night. It was like 10:30 when I went to bed. LOL. Okay, not late. I’m just tired.

My friend, Lena, and I went to the Biltmore today. That was totally fun but now I’m totally worn out. I need an energy pill. Seriously. Today was a workday in my class, so I took my camera. I also worked yesterday afternoon, and now I’ve got quite a bit of editing on my plate, which means….NO NAP! BOO. So much fun. lol

Anywho, I don’t have much to talk about today…mostly because I’m so sleepy I can’t think, and also because I need to get back to work, but I did want to hop on here and post a quick update.

It’s snuggly cold weather again today…maybe that’s why I want to curl up under a blanket and go into sleepytown?

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

When It Rains

Yeah yeah. It rained today. And poured. And left some lovely raindrops…and branches all over the yard. LOL. It’s all good.

It worked out well for the first day of the nature photo challenge from Facebook, where I got tagged yesterday. LOL. I used the other shot I took for that, but I really liked this one, too.

IMG_20160224_152559 [8047262]

Anyway, I was going to work on shooting some portfolio work today, but the rain dampened my enthusiasm. Haha. Now the sun is back out, but I’m just not in the mood to do anything now.

I hate it when that happens. Motivation is such a persnickity critter. Rain isn’t healthy for mine.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Rabbit Trails

OH my STARS. I am the first person on board with random. I LOVE random. But there’s a time to be focused. Like in class. I just had to listen to half an hour of ghost stories because someone showed a picture they took of an old house.

Rabbit trails. This is driving me nuts!

Plus somebody brought a friend to class and they won’t stop talking. Number one, people who aren’t registered for class aren’t supposed to be in the classrooms during class times. Number two, if somebody DOES need to be in the classroom, they shouldn’t sit in the front row and talk the whole time. ANNOYING! Especially since they’re right beside me in the front row.

And while I’m griping, it completely grosses me out when I go into the bathroom and a person exits the stall and then the bathroom without washing their hands. EW! That happens all the time here at school. No wonder all these people are always getting sick. Cooties! That’s why we have soap and water, people!

Okay, I think I’m done ranting for now. Break time is almost finished.

Also, I know I’m really bad about going down rabbit trails myself, but at least blog readers have the option of clicking away…I can’t exactly go anywhere until the next break. *sigh*

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Random Insanity (part II)

Okay, where did I leave off? Oh yes, my countdown backwards from five ended at two, when I looked at the clock and realized I was supposed to be at the church in ten minutes and wasn’t even close to ready to walk out the door. When I get in a zone, I am terrible at keeping track of time. So that was numero dos.

Finally…last one.

WARNING: If you’ve ever said in your head (or out loud), “don’t show me your dogs!” then you should click away NOW!

Also, I’m not sure we can be friends. But since I’m a kind person who loves dogs, I’ll try not to hold it against you if you don’t. LOL.

Anyways, for the last bit of random: a selfie. =)


These guys are the most loyal buggers….

and let’s face it, I’m a sucker for sweet puppy dog eyes….fdavisweb-1000321

What’s NOT to love?

Okay, you got me, when they’re sleeping with you at night and a turd accidentally slips out and leaves a nasty mess because you’re all asleep and don’t find it until it’s squished on the bed at 4am…..yeah, THAT’S not to love.

But the fact that they are faithful, loving, and loyal, no matter that it is 4am and they just got kicked out of their warm bed and scolded for reasons they don’t even understand…well…I can only hope that someday when I’m elderly and things come out of MY rear that I’m not aware of, that I’m as cooperative and loving and loyal to whoever drags me out of my warm bed and scolds me for doing things I didn’t even know I was doing. LOL. 

Anywho, it’s been a full day (starting at 4am…lol) and I’m nowhere near finished with everything that needs to be finished, but I’m pretty much mentally finished. I’ll deal with the rest later. I probably shouldn’t have spent so much time blogging. LOL. On that positive note (haha), I’m out.

See ya around!

Random Insanity

I’m sure there’s no one still coming by here that remembers back in the day when this blog was called “Random Insanity,” it’s been a few years (like almost 10…*GASP*). Now I have to go look at that again…has it really been ten years?!?!?!?!!!

HONKIN’ DADDY! My very first post on ye ol’ blog was on February 22, 2006. So my 10 year anniversary is next Monday!

ANYWHO. Back to my original thought. Random Insanity…it was my answer to the question, ‘If you were writing an autobiography, what would you title it?” the other night when we had some folks over playing games. And after I thunked up that answer, I had this flashback to the early days when I called this blog, “Random Insanity.” Scary, how much things change. Or not.

So, yeah, it’s “Always Faith” now, which is also true, but I’m pretty sure I’m ALWAYS going to be a little bit insane and a whole lot of random. Hahaha.

It’s not a bad life. I’m mostly happy with it. Winking smile 

Today, I’m going to share five randoms:

fdavisweb-10002495. This past Monday, they predicted 2-4 inches of snow. This is what we got. About .375 inches of snow and about 1 inch of ice. Bleck. But it WAS enough to cancel everything for 2 days. And make me appreciate teachers just a weeeee bit more.

4. I shoulda known it wasn’t going to snow. After all, I went and bought snow suits. We discovered at the last snow, that ours have somehow all magically disappeared. My favorite white spyder snowpants, too. I have looked in every single box in this house…nowhere to be found. ANYWHO, when it snowed last, is when I discovered their absence, and we had to go all old fashioned during the last winter weather. You know, actually coming inside and drying off before going back out again. How very old-school. So I determined when it looked probable that we were going to get more, that I would be prepared.

I just love Murphy and his crazy laws. Guess we’ll have snowsuits for next winter.

But the ice was crazy beautiful from the vantage point of our yard. I’m sure I would have felt differently if I’d been trying to drive in it, but since I wasn’t, I thought it was just lovely.


3. Then 12 hours later. Spring!

I just love the bipolar weather.

2. I am a terrible judge of time and I have no time to finish this post. LOL.

To be continued….

Friday, February 12, 2016

Need Toothpicks

Oh my. I’m having a terrible time keeping my eyelids propped open this morning. I probably shouldn’t have stayed awake so late last night. Not sure what I was thinking, except now I’m thinking that was a poor choice.

You know you’re getting old when 11 is a late night. haha. You also know you’re getting old when an afternoon nap sounds like the most amazing thing in the world. LOL.

Goodness. I need toothpicks for these poor eyelids of mine.

Monday, February 08, 2016

If At First

You don’t succeed, try again.

Just deleted a whole entire blog vent. I’m a little grouchy tonight but decided just writing it out was enough to make me feel better. So I started over and you won’t be subjected to my ranting. You’re welcome. =)

Now I shall try to go back to my normally positive self.

One of my school assignments was to shadow a local photographer, so I did that this past weekend. That was so amazing! I have great teachers at school, and I’ve been in some inspiring classes, but it’s always incredible to get unique perspectives and learn new things. We went down to a local lake (not more than a pond, really), and shot at sunset. It rocked.

I posted my favorites on the photo blog, but here are the other ones I really liked.


It’s SO cool how much the sky and light changes in such a short amount of time.

Anyway, it was a totally cool experience…both in coolness factor AND temperature. LOL, my hands were numb when we finished, but I’m a total wuss when it comes to cold weather. It was 47 degrees which was totally not bad. Haha. But still. Incredible.

And now it is time to call it a night. Till next time…

Friday, February 05, 2016

Work In Progress

Wow. This semester is taking up major time! Between class time and working on all this other side stuff as part of classes….well, let’s just say everything that isn’t school is falling by the wayside.

Our house is a fantastic example. We just had a major bathroom overhaul of our guest bath, and not only have I not taken pictures of the finished project, I have also not cleaned up our poor house from all the construction mess. It’s still a work in progress.

Ironing. We won’t even go there. It’s just work…no progress. LOL.

Website…now there is a bit of progress. I’m working on creating actual galleries on my photography page…it’s still in progress, but at least something is happening. =) Now I need to do some work on this one. It’s not 2015 anymore…time to update.

But HEY…I’ve blogged, like, more than once this week…talk about PROGRESS! 

Thursday, February 04, 2016

“Don’t Show Me Dogs”

But. What if I really. REALLY. like dogs?


Did you know that dog’s feet smell like fritos? Well, not if they’ve stepped in a chocolate surprise, but any other time.

Find a dog and smell a paw. I dare you.

Double DOG dare you.

Just make sure it’s not a paw that has recently been dipped in chocolate surprises.

Friday, January 29, 2016


Apparently Windows Live Writer is no longer an up to date program so I’m trying out another program called Open Live Writer, which is pretty similar in looks and use. I’m just testing out how this does for posting images.

DogOnMyBed (1 of 1)

I have noticed there is no spell check in this one. LOL. Rut-roh. On the bright side, it doesn’t give me those angry, red, ziggy lines underneath my made-up words like “rut-roh.” LOL.

Guess what…I showed that picture up there on the big screen in class as one of my photographic style examples for my homework. And I got a “I don’t want to see dog pictures” from the teacher. LOL…Rut-roh again…I have a non-dog-lover teacher. This is bad. Bad.

I LOVE dog photography.

What if my business is dog photography?

Arm Twisting Time

So I’ve been extremely busy….blogging has been the last thing on my mind. And honestly, it still is. I got through Christmas and every busy part of that, then I got through break, which I crammed as full as I could before school started back. Then school started back, five days a week this semester (which is why I crammed as much as I could into my break, because I knew I would have literally no time the rest of the semester).

Anyhow, I got through all that. Now I just have to get through this semester. One of my classes is requiring active social media presence so I’ve had to start back on my photography page and by extension, here I am again on the blog.

It helps that I have a few hours to look like I’m taking notes and work on my social media presence instead. LOL.

As a side note, not only is my arm being twisted in the social media department, I’m also sorta halfway in the kids taikwando classes as of the last two months and last night we were learning wrist grabs and take-downs, so the arm twisting has also been quite literal. LOL. I really like that kind of arm twisting though.

Back to the figurative arm twisting aspect of social media for school, I had entrepreneurship last semester and this year I have to have business of photography, which is a lot of the same stuff (and I dislike it just as much as last semester), but this semester I have to work more in detail on branding and advertising, etc. So I’ll probably be around quite a bit more out of sheer necessity. Sometimes it’s great to have my arm twisted a bit….gets my rear in gear.

Business class is blah though. I'm so not into this side of things....but I will do what must be done. So on we go.