Thursday, January 15, 2015

Sunny Morning

Well, I got lucky blessed with a wee bit of sun peeking through the clouds when I drove up by the lake this morning in hopes of finding those landscape shots for school tomorrow. The rest of the area today stayed a little dreary looking, but for those few moments this morning, I think I was able to get what I needed for tomorrow.

Morning Drive-web-1157
The first one is easily my favorite. I didn’t even get out of my car, but I was on this dead end road with absolutely no traffic, so I didn’t hesitate to just stop in the road, roll my window down, and take my time getting the settings and composition right.
Morning Drive-web-1160
“Boat Out of Water” is my next favorite…it was just sitting on the side of the road. Totally out of context, which maybe is why I like it so much.
Morning Drive-web-1174Morning Drive-web-1177
And the last two were down at the dock. Not as high up on my favorites but will still probably work for my homework assignment.

Anyway, I would call it a successful morning and I was thankful to get it because the sun was only there for a few moments before going back into hiding.

After that, I went to visit my hospice patient. She was sleeping for the first hour, so I worked on some of my stuff, but then she woke up and we chatted for awhile. She told me some interesting stories. She is definitely one of the sweetest little ladies ever. She has dementia and when we did the Alzheimers training, one of the things I learned about dementia was that it’s very common for people who have been wonderful and kind and sweet their entire lives to have this whole other personality come out because of the dementia and how it eats away at the brain cells that monitor one’s behavior. I’d have to go back and re-study it to be able to really tell about that in detail, but it’s fantastic to see wonderful, sweet, old people that are able to maintain their sweet personality even after their memory is gone. It was so funny today because she was telling me all about this couple who used to be friends with her. They were from the town I live in, which is, I think, what triggered that memory for her. But she was telling me all about this person who fooled them all because he was such a charmer, but he was cheating on his wife, so they got divorced. She told me to watch out for him since he lives in my town because I’m a pretty little girl and he’ll be going after me if I’m not careful. LOL. It was funny but not funny at the same time. I’m sure if the people she was remembering are still alive, they’d all be close to 90. But I told her not to worry, I don’t put up with any monkey business. It was just really sweet.

Anywho, that was my day. Pretty close to a perfect one. =)

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