Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Hero to Zero

You know, as great as it is when it's the other way around and you go from zero to hero, it is almost a stronger feeling in the negative when one goes the way of the title.

And it can happen in the blink of an eye.

Everything was awesome  (hope you haven't watched the Lego movie, otherwise you will now have an annoying song stuck in your head for at least five minutes), it was a  lovely sunrise, I remembered all my stuff for school, my pinhole exposure turned on in my first try, I had time to get the oil changed after school, I fixed myself a mostly-low-carb lunch, the library had gotten in two books I was waiting for...everything was awesome.

Then the phone rang. I had two minutes until a med check appointment for the preteen drama queen  (PTDQ) (aka munchkin). An appointment that was 30 minutes away, and the kids were still on the bus, 10 minutes out. I completely and totally forgot it was today. It wasn't like I was busy, I could have totally made it if I had only remembered it was today. My bubble was totally popped. *sigh*

Hero to zero--just like that. 

Ever have that happen?


  1. So... do you use the calendar app on your phone for appointments?

  2. When life gets you down, drink a dr. Pepper. :) lol.

    Amy is on to something there. I would be at a loss without my phone calendar! I put everything in there & so does Clay. our calendars are joined together so we don't double book anything (even though we usually talk about it first). I also keep a couple calendars posted at home. Life would be dangerously chaotic with them.


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