Saturday, November 01, 2014

Oops…I Did It Again

That coming back to post some Sexy Seven D pictures just didn’t happen, did it. I just keep getting busy and busy again. LOL It doesn’t look like it’s going to get at all better until Christmas vacation…and then I’ll just be busy with different stuff. Haha.

So we took off on our yearly cruise this month…that was part of the reason for my absence. I’ve also had more homework than I can think about, which is the other reason for my absences.

For my facebook friends, these photos are old news, but I’ll post a few here anyways.

Right now I’m working on (or trying to work on) my composite project for Digital I, but photoshop just crashed on me and my computer seems to be running at the speed of molasses. My last project was retouching and handcoloring an old, pretty much trashed photograph and that was really fun…a lot of work, but impressive results. I made an A. Woohoo. I love A’s. I hope I do as well on this next one.

Here’s that last project…I just like looking at the before and after. LOL. I guess that makes me a little bit of a nerd. Oh well.


Talk about a ton of time with the Clone Tool in Photoshop. LOL. Now I just have to create an illusion in Photoshop for my next project using all my own images….talk about zapping my creative juices. And then after that, I’ll get to design a movie poster. And this is just one of my classes. I still have work due in my other two as well.

And all that, ladies and gents, is why I’ve fallen off the face of this blog this month. Only four semesters to go. I can do this. =)

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