Monday, February 17, 2014

White Flaky Stuff

Not dandruff! LOL

So yea…we got snow! A lot actually. Wildness, because we hardly ever get that much white at once! It was pretty awesome!

Except that it really messed up my brain with the time warp of extra Saturdays in the middle of the week (days in which there was no work/school, when there should have been = time warp Saturdays).

Thankfully, the one bill that was almost late because my errand day got snowed out and my days were mixed up, wasn’t AcTUALLY late after all, since I was able to get it there on the next business day after the due date. Gotta love it when that happens. YAY.


Looks like Obi feels the same, huh?

Here’s a few more pictures for my non-facebooker friends. =)


Sniff sniff.

Fun while it lasted. Although, thanks to everyone being home for extra Saturdays, everybody got sidetracked on their chores and our house went from House Beautiful to Disaster Survival. Yuck. I tried to start picking it back up this afternoon, but it was too heavy, so I put it back down. ;-P

In other news, I am exhausted. I had really bad dreams last night that kept me awake from 3:30 until 6 and really irritated the fire out of me…on multiple levels. I took a nap after school, but it doesn’t feel like it was enough.

But I’ll survive. I’ve got some yummy italian chicken in the crockpot making the house smell fantastic, I did alright on my last few homework assignments, the kids have two snow makeup days—instead of being off and me having to find childcare for those days, and I heard that my last week’s missed class assignments might just get crossed off instead of made up. It’s all good.

Sunday, February 09, 2014

I Hate Being Right

LOL…it’s been a few days since I posted. I got the strep. I hate being right. I called my doc as soon as my throat started hurting and asked if he’d call me in an antibiotic without needing to come in and get a throat swab since someone in my house just had strep. He did, and it didn’t take long to knock it out. Unfortunately, mom’s don’t really get sick days, and I couldn’t afford to miss any classes because you never know when I’ll have to stay home with a kid again, so I had to time my laying around/sleeping bit around my other obligations. JoY.

News, news…let’s see. Since I last posted, we hired a friend to put recessed lighting in the kitchen, so the big brass monstrosity is bye-bye. We’re working on patching up the off center holes where those old lights were, and we have two more outlets to change out, and then: WHOO---it’ll be time for another “after” photo. I can’t WAIT to post that one! It is INCREDIBLE!fdavis-4

I need to finish my last homework piece for class tomorrow, but this one involved taking photos and I just was NOT feeling inspired this weekend. Hopefully I got them decent enough to get me a good grade. =/ *sigh* If only my creative self would get on the schedule when I need it. LOL. So anyway, I gotta go get those photos ready for turning in so away I go…just wanted to post SOMETHING since it’s been a little while….

And because I just love my dog, here’s a picture of him for fun…

This was right after I picked up a stick, so he is eagerly waiting for me to throw it. LOL.