Monday, December 30, 2013

Wrapping It Up

Well, I updated the ol blog for a happy new year. I flipped through my digi scrap stuff and picked things I liked, then I uploaded the new header….and realized it kinda matches our Christmas card this year. ROFL…obviously I’m really into black and white and red at this moment. Hahaha.

So it’s the end of another year. As always, I can’t believe another year is gone. It seems like we just started 2013 and now it’s time to write in a new date.

I’m actually quite proud of me…despite all the upheaval and transitions this year, not to mention spending all my spare time on so many things from house to school to church, etc., I’ve actually got next year’s planner all ready to go. And now I’m wrapping up the blog décor for another year. Plus, all the Christmas décor is down and I have an empty slate for bringing out everyday decorations…and I still have ONE day left of 2013. I’m SO proud.

Also on wrapping things up, while we’re not quite there yet, we’re getting VERY close to seeing some “after” pictures of several rooms in our house. I can’t wait to get those posted. Ya’ll have NO idea!

I LOVE finishing things. Maybe my project for 2014 should be getting out ALL my unfinished craft projects and finishing them, then selling the ones I don’t need anymore…lol. Seeing as how our new (smaller) house doesn’t have a space for a craft room (and I’ve already experienced the trauma of trying to work on crafts in our basement…did I tell you about that?), it’s probably way past time for me to take a stern look at my craft supplies and just ditch a large portion of it.

Huh. Something to think about. =)

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  1. I agree on finishing things. Makes one feel so accomplished. I am going to be working on some of that myself, adding shelves in wasted spaces and putting the man of the house's stuff in one spot instead of all over the homestead. Living in west Central a community of 1,000 people at elevation of 4800 ft. well, provides some pretty incredible scenery at times. Montana is good. We no longer own snow mobiles...not much snow anymore to own them. And thanks for the compliments on the photos....Love yours as well too. Depending on reading and practicing in order to get them as good as yours. Happy New Years to you all as well and still miss ya. Love your Header too btw. I too, fan of B&W with splashes of red. XO


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