Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Overcoming Perfectionist Tendencies

Sooooooo….in an effort to get over some of these horrific perfectionist leanings of mine, here’s a before/after shot in which the “after” is not perfect.


Not TOO shabby, huh? So…this is a sampling of all that white trim I was talking about in previous posts. All those doors are painted, and all those frames are painted, too. I have a couple doors left, but they’re not in these pictures. LOL. Also, the hall light is still not changed out, the doorbell monstrosity hasn’t been updated, there’s no pictures on the walls yet, and the hardwoods have not been refinished yet, but that will probably be awhile. Still…perfection tendencies aside, it’s still a pretty impressive improvement in my opinion. After all, there was horrid wallpaper, UGH-ly carpet, and no doors at all in the “before” picture…LOL.

In case I haven’t said so before now…I absolutely ADORE our little housey.

I’ll have more to show later, when I get ALL my perfectionism under control. Baby steps, y’all. =)


  1. Anonymous8:56 PM

    Not too shabby? Are you kidding? That looks great. So does your new site header. Can you come do my house next? :)

    1. LoL thanks! I don't know, though...I'm running out of steam for fixing up....lolol.

  2. Unreal the difference it made. It does look awesome and you do terrific work. Way to go. You should be proud of your accomplishments. your inspiring me to attack my own perfectionisms....

    1. Thanks! Good luck conquering your own perfectionisms! *GRIN* i'm still not a complete conqueror yet...if I were, I'd be posting more pictures right about now...lol.


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