Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Overcoming Perfectionist Tendencies

Sooooooo….in an effort to get over some of these horrific perfectionist leanings of mine, here’s a before/after shot in which the “after” is not perfect.


Not TOO shabby, huh? So…this is a sampling of all that white trim I was talking about in previous posts. All those doors are painted, and all those frames are painted, too. I have a couple doors left, but they’re not in these pictures. LOL. Also, the hall light is still not changed out, the doorbell monstrosity hasn’t been updated, there’s no pictures on the walls yet, and the hardwoods have not been refinished yet, but that will probably be awhile. Still…perfection tendencies aside, it’s still a pretty impressive improvement in my opinion. After all, there was horrid wallpaper, UGH-ly carpet, and no doors at all in the “before” picture…LOL.

In case I haven’t said so before now…I absolutely ADORE our little housey.

I’ll have more to show later, when I get ALL my perfectionism under control. Baby steps, y’all. =)

Monday, December 30, 2013

Wrapping It Up

Well, I updated the ol blog for a happy new year. I flipped through my digi scrap stuff and picked things I liked, then I uploaded the new header….and realized it kinda matches our Christmas card this year. ROFL…obviously I’m really into black and white and red at this moment. Hahaha.

So it’s the end of another year. As always, I can’t believe another year is gone. It seems like we just started 2013 and now it’s time to write in a new date.

I’m actually quite proud of me…despite all the upheaval and transitions this year, not to mention spending all my spare time on so many things from house to school to church, etc., I’ve actually got next year’s planner all ready to go. And now I’m wrapping up the blog décor for another year. Plus, all the Christmas décor is down and I have an empty slate for bringing out everyday decorations…and I still have ONE day left of 2013. I’m SO proud.

Also on wrapping things up, while we’re not quite there yet, we’re getting VERY close to seeing some “after” pictures of several rooms in our house. I can’t wait to get those posted. Ya’ll have NO idea!

I LOVE finishing things. Maybe my project for 2014 should be getting out ALL my unfinished craft projects and finishing them, then selling the ones I don’t need anymore…lol. Seeing as how our new (smaller) house doesn’t have a space for a craft room (and I’ve already experienced the trauma of trying to work on crafts in our basement…did I tell you about that?), it’s probably way past time for me to take a stern look at my craft supplies and just ditch a large portion of it.

Huh. Something to think about. =)

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas

2013-12-26 13.41.30

Here’s a really poor quality (and slightly crooked) picture of a portion of our Christmas card this year. I took it with my phone, which explains all of the above. LOL. But Merry Christmas to all. =) Hope everyone had a beautiful, peaceful holiday. =) We sure did.

If you didn’t get our card this year, here’s a blog-edited version of it:

Dear Family & Friends,

Hello and warmest holiday greetings from our family. We hope this note finds you and your families happy and well. Every year it seems that fewer and fewer folks take the time to connect or be together (outside of weddings and funerals). Although we know that Jesus may or may not have been born on December 25th, we can celebrate His birth, life, death, and salvation every day of the year. This is just a good time to stop and send some greetings and an update or two.

Our MUNCHKIN is in fourth grade this year, and K-MAN is in second. They are both reading like champs now, from our second grade Magic Tree House fan, to our fourth grade Warriors (among many others) enthusiast. Neither of them enjoys the homework, but they love their teachers and classes at school.

We sold our house on SOME STREET in July. Unfortunately, we were not able to find another house to purchase before our closing date, but God worked it out for us to find a temporary rental house for the interim between permanent housing. The housing market in OUR TOWN seemed to experience a boom this year, which is great if you’re selling, but made it difficult when the houses we wanted were being sold before we could get in an offer.

We were very grateful to finally find a house in September. It needed a lot of work, and frankly, it still needs quite a bit, but we were able to get a lot finished before moving in on October 31st. It’s kept us very busy in the last few months (hence the lateness of this annual card and update), but we’re finally feeling semi-settled again and looking forward to staying in this one for a good while.

All in all, it just doesn’t seem possible that another year has gone by so quickly. It feels like we blinked and 2013 disappeared. We have had a very busy year, and the old saying rings true: “Time flies when you’re having fun.” We’ve truly been blessed this year, and we hope that you have, too. We’d love to hear back from you, and please stop in anytime you’re in our area.

All our love,

And sounds like we’re ready to head off to grab some lunch, so this is it for today! Have a WONDERFUL day!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


I am Ex. Hau. Sted. Millions of things running around in my head at this moment, but I wanted to stop and take a few minutes to update the (sorely) neglected blog.

Translated, this is what I do when I’m sitting at my desk trying to make homemade ornaments and I don’t feel like plugging the hot glue gun up for the few spare seconds before time to head to church…so I divert. Also, glitter and I have a love/hate relationship and I’m avoiding her right now, too. I figure divert is a MUCH better option for just before church than say hot glue guns and glitter.

And since I haven’t “diverted” to the blog in a while….like over a month (HOW HAS IT BEEN THAT LONG?) I thought it might be time.

Today was my last photography 110 class. Photography 115 and 120 start in January, but I’m going to enjoy the time off until then. I finished with a 98-A (yay).

Here’s a few assignments I had to do this semester that I don’t think I’ve shared yet….

Story telling assignment:
FDavis_Storytelling Assignment

Lighting assignment: (diffused lighting and diffused directional lighting) fdavis-1fdavis-2

Depth of Field Assignment:

Composition assignment: (spot: the leaf; line: the stairs)fdavis-1fdavis-2

I really like class (although a couple of the classmates really try my patience—ugh) and even most of the homework isn’t terrible. I feel like I learned a lot this semester. Now when I take a bad picture, I know what I did wrong. LOL.

So in other news, the house is coming along nicely. I have Munchkin’s closet still to paint, and unfortunately, still some white trim that isn’t finished. ARGHHH. White trim makes me REALLY frustrated. Mostly because there is SO stinkin’ much of it that I paint and paint and paint and still don’t get finished. *sigh* The kitchen is functional (all but the microwave, some small trim, and replacing the electrical outlets and lights). Hopefully those things will all be fixed very soon. Also, we’re still looking for furniture for Munchkin’s room and we really need to go ahead and get closet organizers for both kids closets so I can unpack their toys and books. SOON…very soon…I hope.

I should have some before/after shots pretty soon, also. I just keep waiting for perfection…it’s just the kind of person I am. LoL. One day I’ll learn to get over that. Maybe.

Okeydokey…time for church. Later…whoever still reads this. =)