Wednesday, November 06, 2013


Wow, the things I could say tonight…if I had energy to stay awake. This is the first day my computer has been opened in like…over a week, I think.

That is highly unusual, to say the least. I’ve just been a wee bit exhausted (as I am right now) and haven’t had the energy to find my computer and plug it up and open it. I’m not sure where I found the energy tonight, but I figured since it was open, I’d post a quick update.

The update is:

Our three month rental ended.

The house we bought didn’t get finished with renovating. We moved in last week anyway.

This picture is a small sample of life in our house at the moment:

2013-11-06 18.22.44

I have no countertops, no finished cabinets to unpack anything into, no wall cabinets. But I only have one dirty utensil from supper. There are small benefits to not having a working kitchen. LOL…great excuse not to cook. Although, three months (going on four) of my kitchen packed in boxes, I’m actually looking forward to cooking again. I hope I remember how! LOL

Painting is my life story these days. Some day in the VERY near future (I hope), I will be back to share before and after photos! =)

There are so many other things also in my head right now but I have no energy to get them out. Goodnight. =)