Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Photo Field Trip

I am SO loving this photography program….it’s a lot to cram in my skull but boy howdy is it ever awesome to understand how my camera is doing what it does.

I’m shooting in Manual mode now and oddly enough, everything isn’t all black or all white anymore. LOL!

Anyway, our class took a field trip today out to an old mill to work on this week’s depth of field assignment. It was gorgeous and so fun!

Now my problem is to pick which photos to turn in because I have at least two options for each set that I really like.

Here’s a set I probably won’t turn in:

The lovely Ragweed
First photo is increased depth of field using short focal length (wide angle) and second photo is decreased depth of field using long focal length (telephoto). The first one is at 35mm and the second one is at 134mm.

I also got some really cool shots that don’t qualify for the conditions of the assignment, but I just couldn’t resist taking other pictures besides the assigned ones. _MG_5201eweb_MG_5206eweb_MG_5216eweb_MG_5225eweb_MG_5230eweb

Ahhhhhh…I love photography! I love “loving” it again…I was totally burned out for awhile but this has gotten my mojo back up again. I’m so excited…I just can’t hide it…lol.

Sorry…I’ll quit gushing now. I could talk about that wallpaper….gushing immediately goes away then…rofl.

In other news, there’s a lot less of that wallpaper in the house now…but still too much for my tastes. *sigh*  At least we’re getting something done though. Could always be worse.



  1. Hey Faith! Just wanted to say I love and miss you! Just looking at your post b4 this one... Shell is getting so big. Time flies! Tell her when I have a car (next year sometime ;) I'll try to come get her so we can have big girl date and go bowling or something : ) Love and Miss all of you!

  2. Love, love, love the pictures! I'm excited that you're excited! lol. Makes me wish it would have worked out to take that class with you. Glad you are enjoying it and that it has made you feel in love with photography again. :)


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