Sunday, September 22, 2013

Monthly Post

Well….looks like this is just going to be the year for monthly posting. I just don’t seem to be getting around to posting more often than that. BUT—at least I haven’t completely abandoned the ol’ blog like some that I won’t mention. LOL =) =)

It’s been another busy month. I did have a few days rest during the rental only phase, but now we’ve closed on our next house and we’re living in the rental for one more month while we fix up the new place, so we’re back to the joys and time-sucking qualities of home ownership—but just not living in it yet.

We closed on Monday, and got the paint to get started the next day, but then we just keep running into road-blocks. The walls needed to be patched and sanded first, then we decided to remove the door frames and replace the interior doors while we were waiting on the patching part, but then the door frames are not standard sizes so we’ll have to special order those. Same with the replacement windows…special sizes. BUT the work crew already has the kitchen gutted and most of the family room that is going to be converted to the new master bedroom, so we are seeing progress from the professionals…it’s just we amateurs that aren’t getting anywhere. LOL.

ANYWAY…we did get all our stuff out of the storage building and stored in the basement of the new place, so we did get something done. It was kind of a crazy week last week. I got busy and didn’t get all my homework done until tonight. I hate last minute stuff. Just like over the summer, I’m really thankful I am only in one class…I’m keeping up my grade better this way. If I had more than one class with everything else in my life, I’d never make decent grades. Speaking of class, there are some people in there that have really tempted me to blog before now…seems like every single class I get stuck with a crazy. Praying for patience and the ability to keep my mouth shut.

Whatever. Some days I have it…other days….well, I have something, but I don’t think I’d call it patience. lol

Here’s some of my photo assignment rejects: I only turn in five photos for my assignment this week, and I had a couple to choose from on some of these, so these are the ones I didn’t turn in.

These were from the panning shot requirement…I had to take like five hundred shots trying to get a good one, and then I snapped ONE of the school bus going by behind the house and that ended up being the one I liked best. Go figure. These were my next favorites though.

fdavis motionfdavis panning2

Shoo. I’m exhausted. But all my homework is ready, I got a short nap today, and I have a giant bottle of Advil. I think I’m ready to take on the week. Here goes nothin’

While we’re talking photos, check out the horror that is also known as the kitchen wallpaper that we got to get gone this week: _MG_5170web

Well anyway…wish me luck…I’m going to need it because they didn’t do no sloppy job with that wallpaper…it’s the good stuff and it’s glued on tight. *grumpy face* lol.



  1. Yeah...I've really been slacking, haven't I? I promise to get busy...about blogging, that is. I mean it's not like either of us has anything else to do, right? ;)

    1. LOL...I suppose we shouldn't measure ourselves by ourselves, but you're still a regular poster compared to some of the people we know. ;-)

  2. LOL! This post had me tickled.Not sure if the "some days I've got, some days I don't" theory, was more funny, or if the "wallpaper" comment was more funny. For some reason I can just picture you, sitting in class, rolling your eyes with a disgusted look on your face aimed at Crazy. (The whole while biting your lip to keep from speaking before thinking...) lol Seriously though, I know about praying for patience...I've got an 18 month old still cutting teeth.


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