Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ahem. Is This Thing On?

Whoops. I did it again. It appears that I have misplaced another month. LOL.

It’s been a little busy around here. I can’t imagine why I haven’t had time to blog. It’s only that since I last posted, we moved out of our ginormous house (and left it super-duper clean---a three day task in itself), made at least fifty trips to the storage building, moved everything that didn’t go to storage into an adorable little rental house (after I spent a few hours cleaning it), had VBS, started the process of purchasing a house to live in after we have to leave this little rental in another two months, got all the back to school shopping done, got caught up on the laundry that got behind while moving, organized our boxes at least fifty times to try to keep everything where I could find it in the interim between permanent housing, went to visit family in Georgia, got the kids and myself back in the school routine again…and on it goes. And that was a really long sentence.

I’m trying to enjoy this short period of relatively UN-busy-ness between permanent housing by taking a few short naps and taking time for fun reads. I say ‘relatively’ because it still seems like there’s an awful lot to be done every day, but it feels less busy because of those small things like not spending every waking hour moving boxes or cleaning. The beautiful thing about small houses is that I can tidy and clean the whole house in 20 minutes. Yippee! LOL

School is going good so far. I’m in Fundamentals of Photography this semester. I feel like I’m taking anatomy for cameras. If I can get all the technical terms straight in my head (and even better—remember them forever), I will be one happy girl! You’d think it’d be simple…but…not so much. I love it though!

The kids aren’t quite as thrilled to be back in class, however. I’ve already heard from my little numbers guy…on the first day of school, no less…”One day down, one hundred and seventy nine days left.” This from my same kiddo who went to meet his second grade teacher last week, and when she asked him if he had any questions for her, asked how many hours it was going to take every day. She said about six and a half. He nodded and seemed satisfied with her answer. He is going to be my little nerd. I can see it now. The other one is excited to be joining chorus this year. She’s not so keen on schoolwork, but she loves extracurricular activity. So now, one day a week, her little brother will ride the bus home by himself, and then he and I will go pick up his sister about 45 minutes later. Ah well.

I’m just hoping they don’t have any more bus-tastrophe’s this year. The very first day of school, they rode the bus home. They are supposed to be the second stop, but the bus was broke down and running late and then I sat on the porch and watched it go right on by our stop. I called the school, they couldn’t get the bus on the radio. Finally they called back and said they just missed the stop, and would be back by in about ten, so I waited. And waited. And then watched their bus go by on the street behind our house. And then the school called again and said the bus went to pick up the middle school load and my kids were still on it, and that they would be dropped off at the beginning of the middle school route. SO…more than an hour and a half on the school bus. I’m thinking it was worse for mommy than for them. The bus driver apologized all over the place when they finally stopped in front of our house. And the last two days they have only been on the bus for their normal less than five minutes ride.

Well, anyway, that’s about it for the exciting things around here these days. I’d promise to blog again soon, but I’m about to realize that I shouldn’t make those rash kinds of promises anymore. LOL. Especially since our next house is tentatively scheduled to close in about 2 weeks and then it will all be ON from there. =) I can promise I’ll do my best to not be so neglectful of you though, my dear blog.

For now…I have to get back to my to-do list…it’s shaping up to be a busy afternoon.