Sunday, July 28, 2013

Time Didn’t Stop?

Whoa…I thought everything froze. Or maybe that’s just because everything is going so fast, it’s all a blur. I let a whole month go by without blogging…my bad. (SORRY AUNT C! =)

This was totally not my favorite month of my life. I am not good with stress and extreme busy-ness, but we’ve made it and nearing the home stretch now.

Our house is sold. Barring any unexpected problems, the new owners will be moving in our lovely gi-normous house on the 15th. Which also means that we have to leave our lovely gi-normous house before then. It’s been quite the rollercoaster (especially when we thought the closing date was moving up to this coming week—but wasn’t…whew!). All the inspections are complete and everything is good to go, so it’s just getting everything moved and cleaning up after ourselves now.

I was really panicking, because up until today, we didn’t have anything else lined up for sure. Thank God though, because somebody knew somebody and turns out we knew that somebody, too, we just didn’t know they had a house for rent in exactly the right spot for the right price at exactly the right time. We were all prepared to move in with my parents if we couldn’t find something, but lucky for them—and us (since their house is not ideal for four adults, two kids, three dogs, and one cat—and we’d have probably all been ready to strangle each other by the end of a week) this other temporary home worked out. =)

*big sigh of relief*

So now it’s just a long process of packing all our junk (I really thought we had gotten rid of a lot…but…NOT) and separating what needs to go to storage and what we need to use in the rental house for the next 2-3 months. Also, we’re still house hunting. We have to be out of the rental by November because there were other tenants already scheduled to move in then, but this gives us just the amount of time we need to find a home to buy. =) Couldn’t be a more perfect arrangement, I don’t think. =)

Also, in the last month, the kids wrapped up their summer swim team commitment, and did a really good job on the team. K-man learned all the strokes and was particularly good at breast stroke (even got a couple ribbons). Munchkin had a harder time this year, being the youngest in her bracket instead of the oldest like she was last year, but she still managed to win a heat there at the end of the season.

I finished my semester project with 200 out of 200 possible points (YAY…and thank you to Mom, Dad, Aunt E, and the videoed interview of my grandma who passed away awhile back, for all the information to make a successful paper)! I also went ahead and took the last few exams for that class and got a final grade of A (another big sigh of relief) from that class. I’m really glad I didn’t try to take any other classes besides that one this summer! That would have been disastrous with everything else going on. My next semester starts August 19th and I’ve got 5 credit hours in this one. Shouldn’t be too terrible awful. =)

Went to Ohio last week, too. I really didn’t want to go, with everything else going on, but I’m really glad we did now, because I totally needed the break.

_MG_4390ewebAnother thing in my crazy life – I committed to do pictures of a friends “outdoor” wedding a couple of months ago. I never dreamed everything would turn into the perfect storm and happen at the same time. Our house selling and us in the middle of moving right at the time of the wedding, the fact that it’s a wedding and I don’t particularly care to do weddings, it rained and outdoors became indoors, I want to work on editing but packing still awaits….yeah. Perfect storm. On the very bright side, it seems that I did manage to get quite a few good pictures in spite of the “indoors” thing. Another beautiful thing was the bride…she was SO laidback and not stressing about the photos or how they turned out at all, which makes my job so much easier. It was probably the easiest wedding I’ve ever photographed, despite the terrible, awful indoor aspect. I know it helped that I had a wonderful friend IN the wedding party who was TOTALLY helpful in organizing and orchestrating the timing for photos. It was just awesome! Hopefully, my lovely bride-friend will feel the same whenever I deliver the finished product to her. =)


Anyway, I was going to go to bed an hour ago, but I thought I’d blog for five minutes first. And this is just one of the many reasons the blog has been neglected for an entire month…because this happens every time! =)

These are just a few of the reasons behind the overwhelmed-ness of my last post. And by the way, thank you for the comments on that…you guys are sweet! =)

Love till next time! =)

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