Thursday, May 09, 2013

Don’t Wanna

I have a really bad case of those today. Don’t wanna clean. Don’t wanna do laundry. Don’t wanna blog.

Semester is over. I’m pretty close to 100% sure that my GPA is 4.0. I don’t know if I mentioned it, but my final paper (the research essay) got a 100 from the professor who said he doesn’t give out 100’s. And I didn’t have to take the final in that class because it was only worth 3 points and I was already over the top for possible points to get. He also published two of my essays in that class. *great big googly eyes* Art is finished, too. My sketchbook got a 100 (but not because of creativity…he scored based on completeness and organization and I didn’t miss any of that). I don’t know what grade I got on the final, but I’m pretty sure I probably could have almost failed it and still been okay. 

I don’t wanna sign up for a summer class, but I’m gonna anyway. I have an appointment for Monday to get signed up for Social Problems online. (joy) lol I can’t wait till Fall when I can take FUN-damentals of Photography. *GRIN*

Speaking of photography…business has picked up. I’ve had sessions and a lot of inquiries on sessions, along with a few booked sessions. Sooo, I decided to update my photography page to try to eliminate having to repeat myself over and over.

Also on photography, I’m doing this:

They’re on my facebook, but I’ll probably make a post of all of them here at the end. =) Here’s today’s (#9):

Yes. I ate them all after I took the picture.

While we’re on the subject of eating. I don’t wanna go fix supper.


  1. Way to go girl! My photography has picked up too! Loving it! :)

  2. Anonymous9:49 AM

    So since you're all bored and everything, you ought to teach your Aunt Betty (grandma) how to use a digital camera. ;)


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