Friday, March 22, 2013

Holy Macaroni–Part 2

Well, I’m back. Took me longer than I expected, but here I am. =) I feel like I need to wash my ears out…those “extra grace required” individuals didn’t drop out of class like I thought they did a few weeks ago. Last class, I made the mistake of being too transparent and letting a “look” cross my face for just a second, and when I was asked about it, I just asked if they knew any other words. Bad idea sometimes, to say what you’re thinking. So today, they came in with an agenda. I went in with my poker face and ignored all of their rudeness, but ew... I have a pretty high tolerance for a lot of things that I don’t agree with, but when every sentence for an entire hour contains more vulgar words than the point words of the sentence, it’s way over the top. UGH. I could say so much more, but I don’t want to sound like I’m being all judgmental, because I’m not. Anyway.

Back to where I left off the other day.

Okay, so I forgot to mention that the brackets DID go back up on the wall with no problems and seem to be as sturdy as ever. (Thank the Lord for the little things, right?!)  And then when I got back from painting at my friends house, I took a 20 minute siesta before jumping back into the pile of closet junk. Late nights and early mornings just caught up with me. LOL.

Went through all the closet stuff and reorganized it all…got rid of some junk…had to re-iron all of KC’s shirts that had gotten wrinkled in the bathtub (oops), hung everything back up…wowza….it was a job.

And yes, I was anal and color coded the hangers. Some of the clothes may have also been hung back in shades from light to dark. lololol

2013-03-20 14.12.382013-03-20 14.13.20 

As much as I tried to have it all finished Tuesday night, I didn’t get it all done until right before KC got home on Wednesday. I had to stop working on the closet about 8pm Tuesday night because I had to get my neglected homework finished before Wednesday morning’s class, but by the time I finished my homework, it was nearly midnight again. Then I had to get up early so I could go into the school early to finish working on my paper before class. It’s not due for another week, but I knew I was going to be missing class today because Munchkin was getting a good citizen award at school, and my instructor is out on Monday, and then the next class my essay will be due, so I wanted to have it close enough to done that I could run it past the instructor and make sure I had enough time to make any major changes if necessary before it was due.

Thankfully, it’s pretty close to good enough, so I just have to make a few minor changes and collect/print all the source pages and drafts to turn in. *whew*

I’m probably a nerd, but I actually like school and learning, even if some of it is stuff I already knew a little about…lol. I could totally do without the EGR people but I guess that comes with the territory anytime you’re dealing with the public. Ah well.

Now…I have an hour before the kiddos get off the bus, so I’m gonna take another little siesta. I worked my tail off at the beginning of the week, so I’m rewarding myself now. =) =) lol

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Holy Macaroni!

So I said I’d come back and tell you why I was so stinking exhausted the other day. 

KC went out of town for work on Monday evening, and right after he left, I got this wild hair to empty the master bedroom closet back down to this awful yellowed and beat up bare room. 


I piled the garden tub full and then realized…holy macaroni, we have a LOT of stuff in this closet and can I really get all this done by myself?  I wonder if it’s too late to put it back. Then I kicked myself in the rear and piled the rest of it on KC’s side of the bed since he wasn’t home to need to use any of his floor space, and then it was on.

I had huge hesitation when it came to unscrewing the brackets and shelves because I kept thinking, “what if these aren’t in studs and unscrewing them and screwing them back up makes them unstable?'” I even pondered trying to paint around them, but then I decided that would be way too much effort and gritted my teeth, crossed my fingers, and carefully removed them.

I painted the walls with leftover bedroom paint, and all the white trim with paint we already had, so total cost for this project was….ZERO.  YAY.

2013-03-18 23.50.06

SOOO much better. But then, it was midnight. So I called it a night and pretended the pile of closet junk was non-existent.

Tuesday morning, I got up and took the kids to school, came back and painted the flip side of the two top shelves to go over the racks, and then headed off to my friend’s house to help her finish painting her boys’ room.


Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I haven’t blogged, but I am definitely still here. I am exhausted and I have a splitting headache. It is WAY past my bedtime and I’ve spent the last 2.5 hours rewriting my essay for English. The third sentence explains the reasons behind the second sentence.

And now, I’m going to bed. If I can ever get around to it, I’ll come back and tell ya what I’ve been up to these days.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

So Productive….NOT.

I DID get some things done, but right now that was the thing that came to mind because my first draft of the argumentative essay is due tomorrow morning and revival at church is tonight, so this is really my only time to get to it and what am I doing?

Yeah. Anyway.

Google Reader is being shot down in July. I got a notification last night when I went to check in on the blogs I read. SO. What reader should I switch to? Somebody say somethin quick, cuz I wanna go ahead and get the blogs that actually update copied over to a new reader. =)

Oh, and my replacement phone arrived and I have it all set up and everything. My exact phone was out of stock, so they replaced it with the next model up, and it is a sweet phone. The Lord is good, His mercy endureth forever and ever….seriously. It doesn’t take away the fact that I lost all my pictures but it sure is nice! =)

And now it’s time for the kids to get off the bus and I’ll have a million and one things to do after this before church tonight, so I should hop to it. 

Monday, March 11, 2013

Alrighty Then

So far I’ve unsuccessfully tried to use my old passwords to get into all the things I changed to new passwords after my phone was stolen at least 10 times already. 

Open a webpage, whiz out the numbers and letters on the keyboard, hit enter----username or password is incorrect, please try again.

Oh yeah.

SOOOO anyway.

I went to class today and was talking to another girl in class and we were comparing our woes and that same morning my phone was stolen, she was wrecking her car, which is definitely more disastrous than a stolen phone, so that put things a little more in perspective for me. LOL. Even though, WITH insurance, I still had to pay $90 to get a replacement phone, which really stinks but beats having to pay off the balance on the old phone and buying another one…and I’m still sad about losing all the pictures and stuff on my old phone, but all that is better than wrecking the car or having the car stolen. (And the husband says “Amen” lol)

Yeah. So there’s that. And the waitress at Olive Garden refused to let me taste the wine because I was “under 21” and fell all over herself apologizing when I told her that, “no, actually I’m thirty TODAY, but really, it’s okay…I LOVE that you thought I was under 21.” 

Then KC threw a small party for me on Saturday with a few friends and even one Ohio friend brought her hubby and kids down and surprised me. It was great. The pizza dough we made the previous Saturday turned out beautifully on the grill. Sheesh, I was SICK of pizza dough by the time we finished making it, and I wasn’t even sure if it would taste good, because every batch seemed to act differently between the time it took to mix it, let it rise, punch it down, stretch it out, and then bake it. WHEW.

I didn’t take any pictures because I was so busy trying to be a good hostess, but one of my buds brought her camera and passed on a few of her pics (love you, J) so I can show you a few shots. =)

Before I forget, credit where credit is due:
All photos by Jules Photography. Thanks again, girl! =). 
The awesome cake and cupcakes (the ones with icing) were made by one of KC’s coworkers.
The other awesome cake: Dr Pepper/Reeses cake was made by Jules of Jules Photography. 
And the grilled personal pizzas idea came from another amazing friend, Leah. 


I look good for 90, huh? =)

I’m sure you couldn’t tell, but I pink puffy heart Dr. Pepper. LOL. Anyway, it was a lot of fun…

I’d say I don’t feel any older, but then the time change happened on the weekend of my birthday, something that I don’t remember happening before, and it is REALLY throwing me for a loop. 

Plus we’re in revival at church this week (which has been awesome so far) so between that and the time change….well, I’m sort of feeling older than thirty. LOL

Right now, I have more I could talk about but I am extremely tired and feel like I have sand under my eyes, so it’s off to bed I go.

Hi ho, hi ho, hi ho, hi hooooo. =)

Friday, March 08, 2013



Is the last photo taken with my lovely little phone. 

And unless whoever stole it gets an attack of conscience, and turns it in to lost and found…it will remain the last photo taken with my lovely little phone. 

I am SOO bummed. Nothing like a little theft to make you feel violated. The nice manager at T-mobile locked the stolen phone so that even I can’t use it (IF I were to find it) without taking it in to the store and having the lock removed. They also said that the top places for phones to be stolen are school and bars and that most of the time, they’re stolen for the phone, not for the information in it, so chances are, everything I care about is safe, but it’s just the thought.

I’m really not even sure when it disappeared because I had it while I was waiting for my second class, and when it was time to go into the second class, I’m almost sure that I double-checked the bench behind me when I got up, before I went into class, and that nothing was left laying there. I realized it was gone about halfway through the class, so I must have left it on the bench right outside the class no longer than 30 minutes…but if I didn’t leave it on the bench, then someone snitched it right under my nose in class, which is an equally awful theory. Whatever the case, I had it before class, and in less than an hour I was minus a phone. 

In my favor, it was the class day that was just working on sketchbooks, not lecture, so I was able to get up and look for it immediately, and then when I couldn’t find it, the instructor said it was fine to leave early. I even borrowed a phone to call it, and it went straight to voicemail, so it was obviously turned off after it was picked up, which supports the theory that it was stolen simply for a phone to resell, not for anything on the phone.

Or else (conspiracy theory here), someone in my class hates my guts for some reason and stole it and then turned it off so when I tried to call it, it wouldn’t alert me to the fact that it was buzzing in their pocket…hopefully THAT isn’t the case (although I won’t lie, it did cross my mind—obviously, or I wouldn’t have mentioned it, right?! LOL)

So the missing phone is hopefully locked tight and I have a loaner phone with my same number until I decide what to do about another phone. I figure I’ll give it the weekend to see if it gets turned into lost and found when they realize it can’t be used, and if it doesn’t, I’ll just turn it in on my insurance (which is the other bright thing – I didn’t remember getting the insurance on the phone, but I guess it’s a good thing I did!) and get a replacement.

I’ve changed all my passwords and kicked my mobile phone off of all the apps connected to it, so hopefully if there was a chance that it was stolen for info, they won’t get any. I’m just bummed because all the pics I had on there are gone and I lost all my contact numbers…I think everything else was replaceable. 

GRRRR. Just needed to vent. Anyway, I have no phone numbers now, so if no one hears from me for a long time….that could be why. I’m on a loaner phone at the moment, and it’s got my number in it, so I can get texts, but I’m not going to know who you are if you do text me (unless you tell me…lol), and I won’t be able to keep the info. *sigh* 

Kind of a stinky day. I’m hoping it gets better. =/  If not, I may have to hit the bottle AGAIN. =) 

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring…

The old man is……well, he’s not snoring yet, it’s only seven. But in about 2.5 hours, he probably will be. JUST KIDDING, KC….you’re not the old man. *grin* Just older than me.  =) 2013-03-05 15.08.55

Speaking of aging….I got a sweet card in the mail today for my next getting old day.  I have wonderful family members, thanks, Aunt E and Uncle D. =) It was so nice of you guys to think about me. Love you both! =)

Apologies in advance for random and abrupt subject changes.  Blogging in a hurry does this to me.

So anyway, I take back what I said about KC not snoring yet…he just announced that it was naptime…I’m sure the snoring will commence shortly. Teehehe.

I really need to hop off here and study but I realized today that it’s been a week again since I blogged last and I know if I don’t get on and do it, it will be another week before I even realize it.  *sigh*  Time is really going by WAY too fast these days.

On the topic of studying, the semester is half over, first test in Art is tomorrow. The absentminded professor did a review yesterday and told us pretty much everything we need to know for the test. I won’t even say how he did that, or what he said, just that it seemed a little wrong. I’m pretty sure I will get really close to 100 on the test. Bless it. And also, in that class, now that we’ve reached the halfway point, like half the class has dropped out, including one of those people that I think of as an EGR (extra grace required). I didn’t cry about that, let me tell ya…I might have even said a “hallelujah.” Haha. These days I feel like I’m running short on grace anyway and don’t have much extra to spare.

The next thing I have to think about is a topic for my next essay, and it has to be argumentative. Some people might think this would be easy for me, but I really don’t LIKE to argue. LOL. I’m coming up short on ideas because we’re not supposed to write on big topics, and I really don’t want to do a whole lot of research until I absolutely have to (on the final paper), so I’m trying to think of a small easy to argue topic. Like maybe chocolate. =) Mmm…chocolate. 

Great. Now I’m hungry. But I shouldn’t be, because I fixed a huge supper and I’m really full. I made baked mashed potatoes (that were 5 star good…wow), creamed corn casserole, and rolls. How can chocolate still make my mouth water after stuffing all that in my belly?

While we’re talking about chocolate and making my mouth water though, I should say that I have tested out two different Dr. Pepper chocolate cake recipes (I mean, why not combine addictive substances, right?) in preparation for my birthday.  Here’s one of them: 

The other one, not pictured, was cupcakes, and they were delish, too.

My scale hates me. The other day when I got on it, it flashed a warning. It said LO…which I’m pretty sure means, lower your intake lady!  Or maybe low battery. I’m pretty sure it meant low battery….I think I’ll go eat the last piece of cake now.  LOL.

Speaking of things hating me…well…my car doesn’t love me right now either. I did stupid the other day and wasn’t paying attention. I won’t even say what my stupid moment was…just that it could have been a lot worse. LOL. 

ANDDDDD…that’s it for the weekly update. =)  Night! =)

Oh wait…one more thing: My color wheel for art class…isn’t it the coolest? I got called an overachiever by a classmate, but I can’t help it…it’s just too much fun to do it half-heartedly.

I wish I could say the idea was all mine, but alas, I saw it on pinterest. However, I did freehand draw it my very own self, which is why some of the spaces are different widths.  Ah well, gives it character. =) I love it anyway.

Now…goodnight. For real this time.=)