Friday, February 08, 2013

How It Goes

I’m ahead.  I quit. 

That was my facebook status but on the blog, I just have to elaborate a little more.  I took my “farther than a first draft” essay in to class today and the instructor went over it and said it’s well on it’s way to being great.  So I came home, pulled it up on my computer, and made some changes.  Then I left it up on my computer for the next five hours and walked by it every few minutes and stopped and typed something every once in a while and pondered and got up and cleaned the kitchen and sat and chatted…and typed a little more. 

And erased.  And pondered. 

And now….you know what?  I’m already ahead of the game, And you know the rule….quit while you’re ahead. 

So…I quit. 

But don’t worry…it will get finished before the deadline in a week and a half. =) 

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