Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Happy Dance

Yes, it’s been a week—again.  *SIGH*  It’s just been another week of the same ol’ stuff.  Reading books, homework assignments, class, errands, all that jazz.  And of course, just not feeling up to blogging. 

But…had to come do the happy dance for just a moment.  I got my first essay for class back today, and….YAY for the homeschool girl!!! 

99, baby! 

The instructor told us ages ago that he NEVER gives 100 on essays because there’s always “something” that could be done better.  So, a 99 is like, almost perfect. 


Of course, I did enlist help after I wrote it, to edit it and make it better, but hey…whatever it takes.  =) 

On a not so happy note, I’ve got a scratchy throat and general achy junk going on tonight and I’m going to bed in hopes that a long sleep will fix whatever the echinacea, vitamin C, and Advil Cold and Sinus didn’t take care of already. 

Also, parodies annoy me.  Hubby is watching one now, and he keeps cracking up, but I don’t think it’s that funny.  (insert confused face)

And Aldi had Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup minis (unwrapped mini cups) right in that danger zone at the register today.  I was shopping at lunchtime.  I had not previously eaten.  I caved in about .035 seconds, and I can feel my thighs enlarging as I type.  OOPS.  Maybe when I feel better I’ll do a couple of crunches or something.  LOL Or maybe I’ll just make 100 on my next essay and happy dance all the way to the last essay.  That’s sort of exercise, right?

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  1. Like you need to exercise! ;b I know how you feel with the Sinus junk, buddy. No fun! :( I Love those little mini Reese's, but they love me too :b I love getting A's!! I just wish I got more. Lol :)


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