Friday, January 25, 2013

Reflections Of A Scattered Mind

I have a new favorite game when the kids want to play a game.

I like it so much, that tonight I talked KC into playing it with me WITHOUT the kids. (LOL)  He was very accommodating, bless it. 

He’s actually been very accommodating all day…except for the parts of the day when he was doing his best to annoy me.  He’s really good at that, too, sometimes…

It’s usually on the days when I am craving chocolate and Dr. Pepper for reasons other than because I just happen to like chocolate and Dr. Pepper.  LOL…so I guess the being annoying probably isn’t really his fault.  =)  But I’m not telling HIM that.  ;-)

So something else I really love right now is this beautiful scarf that Aunt C made for me….it’s hard to tell in this picture (instagram is awesome but the quality is just not great) that the color of it is black and brown and white and grey.  (If you’re reading this, thank you again, Aunt C!! Love it and love you! =)

Speaking of Aunt C, here we are at California Dreaming in Greenville, SC last weekend.  Hindsight, I should have taken the picture before we left the restaurant and saved us from the harsh sunshadows, but it’s too late now.  Ah well. 

New topic: Today. I woke up at the usual before daylight time and showered because it’s Friday and I was supposed to have class.  They told us yesterday that it was going to be an early release day at lunchtime for my kids, because of weather, but I was still going to be able to get back in plenty of time, so I wasn’t worried.  So I get the kids all ready and we back out of the garage and I realize it’s sleeting.  Rut-roh…not good.  Get halfway to school and the phone rings that they’re cancelling and sending all the kids back home.  So I come home and check the college website and they’re still having class…grr.  So I get ready and then leave at 8:15 and call mom on the way to her house to see if she’s home because my kids are going to hang out there for an hour (okay, I didn’t tell her, I ASKED, but I was pretty sure she’d say okay, which is why I called on the way)…lol.  Mom is awesome like that.  =)  So I get there and prepare for a rushed drop off so I can head to school except between my house and moms, the school posted the announcement that classes after 9am were cancelled.  Grr again…but it’s not sleeting at mom’s so I decided to stay and visit for a few minutes since I didn’t have to go anywhere else.  Stayed there until about 9:45 when KC called and said it was so bad out that his plant had closed early and he was on his way home…that’s when Mom shooed the kids and me out the door because she didn’t want us to be out if it was beginning to get bad.  =)  She loves me like that…even when I forget to call her after I get home to tell her she can stop worrying because I made it and she has to text me to remind me that I forgot so I can remember and call then. 

Fast forward through the rest of the day because it was annoying.  I was SOO productive all week and working on projects and then the hubby and kids are home earlier than planned and we all ended up being lazybones all day.  Grrr. 

I don’t know where I was going with that whole story. 

So I’ll just skip to class, which is what I’m thinking about right now.  Wednesday’s class, the teacher talked about the purposes of writing, and I figured out the purpose of my blog.  It’s reflection…and reflection isn’t typically written for an audience (think journals) so it’s just me rambling down my thoughts/random happenings/whatever, and it doesn’t matter if no one else understands it, since it’s mostly for my own benefit anyway. 

Also, in class on Wednesday, the instructor killed me.  He was demonstrating the invention of a topic and thesis and illustrations and he used me for an example of how dancing can be dangerous.  One girl got jail time, one guy lost his career, and I died from dancing.  Kind of ironic. LOL  He apologized after class about my unfortunate demise, and I don’t hold it against him…I’m just hoping it’s not a sign of my future in the class!  LOL

Okay, enough rambling for a night.  I changed my colors again and very nearly added something to the blog description regarding reflections of a scattered mind, but then I decided it wouldn’t fit in the space (even though it fits quite well in actuality) so I left the description alone and just changed the colors to ones I LOVE.  =)

I haven’t had a Dr. Pepper in five days.  I was hoping we WOULDN’T be iced in tonight so we could go out for dinner and I could get a drink…alas, it wasn’t to be.  I am still craving. 

Ack.  I’m going to stop talking now.  See ya.


  1. Anonymous7:43 PM

    My oh me, you've had a interesting few days. I hope you get that drink!

  2. I love the colors in your new header! :) And "whew!" what a day(s)! Yeah, I say you deserve that drink...or bottle...of Dr. Pepper. lol.

  3. Anonymous10:25 PM

    I love you too and I'm so happy that you love your scarf! Wear it in good health - and enjoy your Dr. Pepper! Aunt C


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