Monday, January 28, 2013


Make-up homework assignment for my missed classes is to brainstorm the following:
What am I all about?  What things do I do?  What things have I done? What things do I know about? What things do I want to know about?

You wouldn’t think these would be hard questions. Ugh. So here’s my lists in progress:

I am all about getting closer to God, taking care of my family, traveling to new places, knitting, reading, my church family, having a good time, scrabble, piano, Dr. Pepper, photography, photoshop, chocolate, drawing and doodling, being organized, thrift stores,

I read, blog, sleep, play with my kids, volunteer for Hospice, take my kids to school and appointments, try to walk with my friends at least once a week, take pictures, clean house, iron my husband’s clothes, practice playing the piano, sing, grow herbs, cook, help with homework, procrastinate, do laundry, do more laundry, love my dogs, tolerate the cat, spend hours on Pinterest, go to bed late, watch sappy chick flicks,

I have fallen in love, been married for 11+ years, gone on a mission trip to Haiti, been to NYC, had to have a pet put down, cried, spent 5 days in Las Vegas without drinking or gambling, had poison ivy, been knee-boarding, gone skiing, lost all my grandparents, been snorkeling in the Caribbean, sailed on the world’s largest cruise ship, stayed in a bed and breakfast, never attended a public school until college, tutored algebra, worked at a radio station for 10 years, had 9 foster kids in my home at one time or another, made my own scarves, never broken a bone, driven a manual transmission and prefer it over automatic, painted every room in our house, demolished a kitchen with a sledgehammer and enjoyed it, had mono,

I know about foster parenting, being organized, photoshop, scrapbooking, Hospice, card-making, 

I want to know about crocheting, better writing, winter gardening, a fast and easy way to gain patience (lol), photography, lighting for photography, illustrator, better designing, using fonts, how to increase IQ, how to get along with annoying people, ways to cure insomnia,

And the best part of brainstorming is getting other brains involved…these lists aren’t long enough and I need some more ideas…. =))  Have you made any of these sorts of lists?  Do you know me and see something I totally forgot to add? 

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