Thursday, December 13, 2012


Well, the ol’ blog got the yearly update in preparation for 2013.  I’m not sure if I love it or if it will just “do” so I guess I’ll give it a few days and see if it grows on me…lol.  It used to see an update at least with the seasons…now I do good to get it switched with the new year.  Back in those days, I also was less of a slacker when it came to posting, too. 

That may hit the new year resolution list…haha. 

Buttttttt….at least I do post.  I won’t call any names, but there’s a few bloggy friends that I occasionally check and have seen the same post for over a YEAR.  HELLO! 

My bloggy décor may be the same for a whole year BUT at least the content is somewhat fresh.  LOL.


Maybe next year I’ll do better about being fresh.  Winking smile  (Although, some people may already view me as such…haha)

So…what do you think?  Fresh or not fresh enough?  LOL.  No, I mean, about the blog.  (hah)  And after looking at the header a few more times outside of photoshop…is it too Christmas colored-ish to last all year?  Hmmmm….decisions, decisions. 


  1. I like it! Fresh...but I'm not sure it should stay all year.

    As far as blogging, now that school's I come...maybe...if I don't get caught up in something else.

    Stay fresh! ;)

  2. I like the colors and design! The good news is you can leave it up as long as you want or change it tomorrow. It's up to you!

  3. I like it. I don't think it looks too Christmas-y for the whole year, but of course that is totally your decision. I need to update mine...we'll see if it has new pictures by the new year. (Don't hold your breath....LOL.) :) I like the new look here. Nice touch. :)

  4. Anonymous2:21 PM

    Very cool and not too Christmas feeling. But if you stop liking it, you can always change it again. Have a Merry Christmas!


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