Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Moving On

So…I’m done talking politics, it’s over and I’ve moved on….BUT FIRST (lol) --- and I’m really not talking any more about it – but this post said what I was thinking over the last couple of days…only way better. 

And truly…moving on.  Conditioning.  That’s what’s been on my mind today.  We’re so easily conditioned. 

When you wake up one morning and it’s 50, you think it’s cold outside.  Then you have a week of 35 degree highs, and then it goes back to 50 and you drag out the flip flops because it’s summer. 

Or you think gas is astronomically high when it jumps to $1.35 a gallon.  Then it jumps to $3.35 a gallon for a while, so when the losers who make a killing on gas drop it back to $2.93, you are overwhelmed with joy and gratitude. 

Now…how to make this work in my favor when it comes to the ever so challenging parenting game….(evil chuckle)

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