Monday, November 05, 2012

Election Time

Well, I’m not really big into politics, and I’ve seen enough political ads to make me nauseous and extremely hesitant to even voice my own opinion, but I have to say, I don’t know how you could vote for anyone except Mitt Romney. 

There.  I said it.  I also don’t understand how if I voted for someone because he was white, I’d be racist, but it’s not racist for someone who is black to vote for a president based solely on his race. 

Maybe I’ll get in trouble for talking about it, but if the color of skin were switched on the two main players in the election, I’d still vote for Romney. 

I seriously hate politics.  I don’t like how people get all worked up about it, and I don’t like how pushy it all seems.  If you’re an Obama supporter, I can agree to disagree.  BUT.  I’ve already exercised my rights as an American (I love early voting) so now I get to sit on the sidelines with my fingers crossed and I promise not to blog any more about it. 

So who did YOU vote for?  And why? 

(just remember, this is a no-hate zone) =)


  1. Aunt Carol7:57 AM

    I'm voting the Romney/Ryan ticket. Both have a record of being non-partisan and work and play well with others. Obama doesn't. Obama has lied repeatedly to the American people and is so partisan that nothing that would benefit the American people is being done in Washington, DC. Obama has divided this great country of ours and it's shameful that his presidency will not reflect the hope and change of his 2008 campaign. All smoke and mirrors. Romney and Ryan both know what they are doing and how to get the economy back on track - they have the record to prove it - Obama doesn't.

    Are you sorry you asked for comments, Faith? Love you!!!!!!!

  2. Brave lady! This is one of those subjects that can cause a stir. I'm sure I'm throwing my vote away but I'm voting for Gary Johnson.

    Obama/Biden have made too many commitments that he didn't keep. One man can't fix the economy so I don't hold that against him. It's crazy that people think one person can fix it all, unless your name is God. But the fact is, he didn't keep his promises and has made some questionable decisions. Plus the national debt has gone through the roof since his administration took over. I think he's a good man but not the right one for office. Especially not with that ego.

    Romney/Ryan I just can't vote for in good conscious. They claim to have this plan but if you really take a good look at it, the math really doesn't work. I do feel that Romney is a little too disconnected from normal America. While he has done bipartisan work in the past, I'm afraid he totes the conservative party line just a little too much. I don't trust him or Ryan to do what's best for America. He wants to treat us like a business and I'm not a business. And don't get me started on the number of times he's flip-flopped.

    Frankly, I don't believe that Obama divided the country as Carol said above. The parties did that. And they continue to do that. The more there is of the "us vs. them" mentality, the more power and chest beating there can be. We need to move back to "we the people". I'm not sure either party, much less their candidates, are capable of doing that right now.

    I'm not Libertarian. I'm a registered Republican. But Gary Johnson's views (for the most part) are straight as an arrow. He'll make changes that the other two aren't willing to do because of their party concerns/loyalties. We need a change. We need some one to shake up Washington and neither Obama or Romney can do that. I don't want 4 more years of what we have and I don't want more of what we had with Bush either. Will Gary Johnson win? Not a chance. But I'm tired of voting for the lesser of the two evils.

  3. LOL, no I'm not sorry I asked for long as people are nice about it, I enjoy hearing different sides of it. *grin*

    And Ryan, I can see exactly what you're saying, and I wasn't really big on Romney either. However, as much as I "get" the refusing to vote for the lesser of two evils, in my opinion, it beats letting the greater evil win. But I do understand your reasoning.

    LOL...and I wasn't trying to cause a stir...seriously. LOL =)

  4. PS Aunt C, I love you, too. Thanks to both of you guys for taking the time to share your opinions nicely. =)

  5. Like Ryan, I voted Gary Johnson. Plenty of people (including those I love) have informed me that my vote was wasted. I disagree. My vote went to the candidate I felt best equipped for the office of President of the United States of America. IF everyone truly considered all three choices, then I don't think the two-party system would continue to trump. Here's to idealistic beliefs and hope beyond the donkey and elephant.

  6. Aunt Carol10:23 PM

    Ryan and Amy - well said. I agree with both of you, as I'm a centrist in my political thinking, but I really believe that the Romney/Ryan ticket would have better served ALL Americans, not just special interest groups. Live and let live - and somehow we will muddle through the next 4 years. And Ryan, in terms of "running the country like a business" - when considering economic principles - you really do have to run that portion of government like a business - or as another example - a family on a budget. It's not prudent to spend more than you have - and unfortunately - that's exactly where we have been now for about 6 years. Hopefully, since Obama no longer has to appease his special interest groups (this being his last term), he will be more willing to work with republicans (and they work with him), and make some good decisions that will benefit our country and its citizens. Let's all wish Obama well. P.S. I love you too, Faith!


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