Sunday, October 14, 2012

Home Again

Well, last week was great….

I knew it would be, when I was washing the last of our clothes to pack, and a pair of socks came out of the dryer almost perfectly matched up and ready to fold.  Just like that.  Hahaha.  Of course, then the washer went on strike and didn’t cooperate with my schedule at ALL, so I’m not sure what that was about. 

We just left it and now we’re home and I’m thinking about how in the world I’m going to get all those suitcases full of dirty laundry clean again. 

But vacation was awesome….and now for the frustrating part…trying to get the pictures uploaded.  I am so annoyed with this crazy expensive photo package we bought from our trip that is not uploading and unlocking to let us get our photos.  UGH!  8web

It gave me these, and while I’m thankful for that, we had a TON of good ones that I wanted to grab off there and it won’t let us.  So KC is trying the un-install/re-install thing, and we’ll see how far he gets or if I get to call Tech Support tomorrow to try to get our pictures that way.  SO annoying.  

Oh! Oh, OH!  That WORKED.  I love that Hunny of mine.  He’s so handy.



Anyway, so in a nutshell, we went on a cruise (kids, too) and it was an amazing trip.  However, we got off the ship at 6:30am (after getting ready and eating breakfast at 5:30am) and then left Fort Lauderdale at 7am and drove non-stop back home to NC and I am exhausted and it still feels like the world is rocking around me, so I think I’m going to go walk the dogs and then go to bed and worry about pictures and details and washer repairs tomorrow. 

Savvy?  Yah.  I agree. 

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  1. Anonymous8:30 PM

    hehe. I'm glad you had a good trip and that you could get access to your pictures. Good luck with the clothes situation! Sounds like you might need a vacation from your vacation.


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