Saturday, October 27, 2012


In Star Trek….not that I know much about it except that I saw the last couple movies that came out…the Borgs were terrible to defeat because of their incredible ability to adapt to the weapons of their enemies.  They were almost impossible to kill because as soon as you phasered or tasered or whatever the star trek weapons are (see I told you how much I don’t know about them)….anyway, as soon as you shot them, they adapted to the frequency and became immune to further hits.  LOL  Somehow, I think Munchkin must be Borg.  No matter how many frequencies we try, she takes a hit and then immediately adapts and is immune. 

You ground her, she’s upset for a minute and then she twists it around to make it a non-consequence…and then she’ll suggest it as a consequence the next time.  “You can ground me from the computer, mom…no biggie.”  “Oh, I don’t get to go do the fun thing I wanted to do this weekend…but I’d rather stay home anyway.”  “Oh this terrible awful no-good homework assignment….it’s fun…I love reports.”


Resistance is futile…next I’ll be assimilated. 

If it wasn’t so stinking frustrating trying to train and stay a step ahead of this EIGHT year old, I’d be really appreciative of her talent for turning bad things into good….

Except, it’s really backwards…when we do fun, awesome things….she finds everything to complain about and turn it into bad.  Lord help us. 

How do you parent a contrary Borg?  

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  1. I shouldn't laugh b/c this could be my daughter one day, but I can't help myself. The whole grounding thing made me smile b/c when I was young I liked being grounded too. lol.


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