Monday, August 20, 2012

Faith The Grouch

All I need is a trash can and a green furry suit cuz I’m really in a yucky mood right now.  I have written several sentences and deleted them all because I just sound really whiny.  I have a headache, the spaghetti sauce from supper is giving me acid reflux and making me rather nauseous and the Tums is taking its time to kick in, so I’m just a little cranky.  I honestly have nothing to truly complain about, I’m one of the most blessed people in the world. 

So…trying to ignore the cranky and write a post that doesn’t sound cranky because I really have nothing to be cranky about….is really hard for me right now.  LOL. 

It’s kinda funny how when you’re feeling yuck, it’s so easy to think of things to whine about and so hard to be positive about anything.  I’m humming this song…I don’t know exactly how it goes but it’s something like:

Count your blessings again, again, and again,
Start with the one where He saved you from sin,
When you number them all, give the praises to Him,
Then turn around and count all your blessings again….

Or something like that.  I get the point.  I shouldn’t be cranky.  LOL. 

So…on the bright side:

KC checked this off my honey-do list over the weekend and finished tonight.  I was tired of the kids backpacks not having a good home during the week….

Before: before wall

After:after wall

Now I just need a little white bench with baskets under it to replace that chair.  =)  But the backpack part is awesome. 

Let’s see, what else…oh yes, let’s talk smell for a minute.  LOL.  Degree apparently stopped making my deodorant (the only one they made without aluminum in it—which, as a side-note, is in ALL anti-perspirants and from what I hear, isn’t so healthy) so I have been scrambling to find another option because Tom’s just doesn’t do it for me.  Adidas used to have a plain deodorant option, but they also stopped making it (at least for women).  That was about the time that Degree came out with the deo-only option.  So now, that’s gone and I’m down to my last stick… and I’ve been looking for a new option and the only thing on the shelf I haven’t tried yet was Arm & Hammer.  I figure, if it can take out the rotten food in the fridge smell, surely it can keep me from knocking over random strangers in a crowded elevator when I lift my arm to fiddle nervously with my hair (you know, nothing like picking a random example that only happens once or twice a year).  Well, I drop it in my basket in the bathroom and think nothing more about it (because obviously, I’m not overthinking this deodorant situation at ALL). 

Next morning, I get up and get ready and off to all my errands I go.  I got out and went into my first stop, and I get this whiff of something that smells like they just mopped the floor with Orange pledge or something. I thought, mmm…smells clean in here.

Next stop, mmm…wow, they cleaned here, too…smells like they even bought the same cleaner!! 

Well, about the third time it happened, (I’m not slow at ALL) I realized I was raising my arms to open the doors…hence the whiff every time I entered a place. 

DURRRR.  No, they didn’t all go and buy the same cleaner and all clean on the same day.  I’m a dork sometimes. 

And now I’ve spent MORE than just a minute talking smell…which might make me an even bigger dork.  But I’m a dork with clean-smelling pits.  ;-) 

I think I’ve proved my crazy…I’m going to slink away back to my green furry suit and Orange Pledge smelling trash can now.  =) Night.


  1. After reading this post, I began to wonder, "Is aluminum the reason why the underarms of my shirts are black?" So, I went exploring. Here is a link to a website that I found:

    Their products are a little pricier but they last longer according to this site. They use natural mineral salts. No harsh chemicals. You should be able to purchase at CVS, RiteAid or Walgreens.

    I plan on giving it a try and see how it works for me.

  2. Becky, I haven't done all the research, I just know that my grandmother had breast cancer and from what I heard, her doctor told her the aluminum in the antiperspirant blocks your pores and can cause cancer. I'd guess that it could very well have something to do with discoloration on the armpits of shirts. Anyway, I'd just rather be on the safe side. I think I might have tried the Crystal, but I might have to try it again...let me know how it works for you. =)


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