Thursday, June 14, 2012


What I wouldn’t give for some Jedi powers right now.  The fan is killing me as I’m laying here in the bed and it’s drying my eyes out and making me chilly…and I’ve got the computer in my lap and it’s an awful lot of work to shuffle everything off my lap and crawl out of the blankets to go turn it off the old-fashioned way.  So basically…I’m lazy and my eyes are stinging like I’ve cut an onion. 

Just admitting my faults and all.  And now I’m going to conquer my laziness and go fix my problem. 

But then the power to throw a few lightning bolts from my fingers from time to time would come in handy for more than just switching off a fan. 

Ahem.  I think that this could be leaning toward a fault worse than laziness, so let’s get off of that.  LOL. 

But wait…first, don’t ya hate when you’re driving and someone lays on the horn at you and they’re the ones who are in error?  Yeah, last I checked, the sign was still up there that said U-Turn Must YIELD and I had the green arrow turning right.  Munchkin was like…I think there’s a train, mom.  I said, no honey, that’s a car horn and they’re honking at me.  One really long, and really loud hooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnkkkkkk.  But they’re the ones who were doing a U-ey and supposed to yield.  Hello, lightning bolts.  LOL. 

Uh…moving on. 


Today was CRAZY.  I slept like a baby (one that doesn’t sleep through the night and tosses and turns and wakes up every hour or so…lol) and then had to get up early.  I folded laundry, swept and vacuumed, watered all the plants, fed and walked the dogs and got myself and the kids ready to go and then left the house by 8:25.  Exhausted, but out of the house….got the kids to camp and then went over to visit Mom and Dad till it was time to go back and get the kids.  They rode solo (nobody walking beside them) on their horses today.  They were super excited.  K-man’s group leader said he did really good guiding the horse around the barrels.  And K-man was telling me all about how he could show me how to ride a horse now.  LOL.  Then came home and swam in our pool with friends for the afternoon…got the kids all wore out.  And grabbed a sandwich and headed out to Munchkin’s IMG097first swim meet.  She was in three heats and did pretty good…second place on backstroke.  Running on crazy.  Don’t know how people do it all the time with lots of kids…I’m still working on my super mom status.  LOL.  I don’t know how I stayed going all day after not sleeping well.  And now it’s 10:45 and I’m hoping it’s a better night…and day. 

Still a lot to be thankful for though…through it all, God’s been good and I’ve been blessed.  =)  And I know it’s hard sometimes to tell the tone when you’re reading something instead of hearing it, and I know I do tongue in cheek a lot…but no joke about God’s goodness.  And the power of His spirit to not show out a nasty attitude when I get honked at and it’s not my fault…unless saying “Uh…hello?  I don’t know why they’re honking at ME” …or maybe considering the thought of a lightning bolt wake-up call…. would be considered a bad attitude.  LOL…maybe a mild one.  Always room for improvement, right?

Well..I have to go figure out why the computer is taking forever and then get off to bed… Night.  ;-)

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  1. Getting frustrated is a natural reaction in life.... our reaction to that frustration is where self-control comes into play. I can't imagine you anything other than sweet. Ever. :)


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