Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Musings and Ruminations

Parenting is the hardest, most underpaid, and most un-appreciated job in the universe.  

KC and I talk about it a lot…we have really good kids.  Really.  It just seems that when we turn our backs, they don’t always continue the good-ness.  And that’s what we’ve been talking about a lot lately.  It is really hard to find the balance between being overprotective and never allowing them to get into trouble versus letting them go do all the dumb things kids do so they will (hopefully) learn and grow from them.

I like to observe a lot to try to see what I’m doing wrong or right, and it seems to me, from all my observations, that too much control over our kids prevents them from having a brain and thinking for themselves.  For them to be functioning and mature, they are going to have to learn to think for themselves, which means less control from mom and dad…and also letting them suffer the pain of their dumb moves instead of always fixing it for them.  When it comes to applying this theory to my kids…well…I’m working on it. 

And here’s exhibit A, B, & C of me working on letting go of my kids a little bit:

4-H Horse Camp (three hours in the “wild” without mom – LOL) and swim team practice for Munchkin – double session (2 hours without mom).  Of course, that wasn’t all by my choice…circumstances and appointments sort of played a role, too, but they did have a good day and from all appearances, made good choices without me.  LOL. 

So I wonder if that would also apply to religions, too.  Living inside the box, by the “because I said so” rules, preventing logical thinking, also keeps its members from maturing and functioning well independently (or in other words, when their parents aren’t watching).  I’m not referring to anyone specifically, but I did just read a book about the Amish today.  Nothing wrong with a simpler way of life, by no means…I’m very much in the live and let live camp, but…well….I’ll keep the rest of my thoughts to myself…I can’t think of any politically correct, non-offensive way to finish that thought.  LOL. 

Blogging (or online journaling) is the SECOND-hardest, most underpaid, most un-appreciated job in the universe.  LOL. 


  1. Anonymous8:25 AM

    Ha! It really is the most underpaid job there is. But you're right. I've seen the results of parents too overprotective. Their kids get a real shell shock when they enter the real world. Some learn to survive it and many, more often than not, can't cope. Not a pretty picture.

    You'll have to share your thoughts on the Amish some time ;)

  2. Aunt Carol9:27 AM

    I appreciate your blog efforts, Faith, and you've been doing a fantastic job. Loved this update as well. And you do have really good kids - but they are still kids - right? Camp looks like fun!

  3. Yay for horse camp and summertime fun! My kids would love something like that....maybe some time.

    And tell your kiddo that Auntie Kelly is super proud of her backstroke! :)


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