Monday, May 14, 2012

Pinterest Rocks

I don’t get very much time to browse these days but I found this one on there a few weeks ago and I really like this quote. 

It’s such a nice way to say “mind your own business.”  LOL. 

As someone who spends lots of time working hard on that very thing, I can vouch for the fact that it’s definitely easier to say it than to do it. 

It’s way easier to assume and cast judgment based on your limited perceptions of people and situations, than it is to remember that you yourself have been on the receiving end of unmerited grace more often than you deserve and that you should just mind your own business.

It’s human nature.  But that doesn’t mean it should be acceptable.  And I’m talking about myself…which is why I try to spend more time improving myself than criticizing others.   

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  1. Amen.....I so agree. It's a known fact that some people have way to much time on their grandmother used to say "Idle hands do the work of the Devil". Same as work ethics....computers make it easy on us all and yet can be so destructive on so many levels. Oh! I finally caved and joined Piterest....I too do not have the time, but oh my goodness....the ideas I see for my yard when I do? Will keep me busy busy busy. ;) XOXOXOX


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