Wednesday, May 23, 2012

*Huge Sigh*

Drah-ma, drah-ma, DRAH-MA!  Not my thing.  I can deal with your Basic, Everyday, Low-key drama…(I mean, really…I’m a girl…I have my own fair share of BEL-K d) but then when it turns in to drahhhhh-maaaa….and so on…wellll…..

I hate that.

Today was not a “BEL-K d” day.  Consequently, I keep hearing myself suck in and heave huge sighs every few minutes. 

I have friends and family who are facing serious, life threatening or life altering health issues…and really I should just stop with that because that totally makes all my other current brain fodder seem super trivial. 

Yeah, I need to figure out my best option for cell phone service, I’m thinking about switching from verizon because I am so frustrated with them lately, but in light of what other people are facing, the great cell phone service provider debate seems like a totally shallow thing to be pondering.  (Although if you’d like to weigh in on the best plan with the best phone for the best price, of course I’d be interested in hearing it…lol)

Yes, I got frustrated by stupid things today.  Yes, I went to Sonic and ordered a Rt 44 Dr. Pepper because I needed a fix.  No, I didn’t get my house totally clean today and I’m never 100% on top of the laundry.  My cell phone is still as dumb as I am.  And sometimes I don’t think I’ll ever get all my ducks in a row or figure it all out.

But none of that is really important.   

1 The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. 2 He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: He leadeth me beside the still waters. 3 He restoreth my soul:  (Psalm 23:1-3)

The important thing is that God is always there offering wisdom and peace and grace and mercy and bringing me back to hope.

Your grace and mercy, brought me through
I'm living this moment because of You
I want to thank You, and praise You too
Your grace and mercy, brought me through…

I’m so undeserving.  But thankful with all my heart. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Untitled

I’m so exhausted.  For starters, I haven’t been sleeping very well since we sold our bed over the weekend.  Our extra bed is more of a slab of concrete than a bed (even after I layered it with our thickest extra comforters).  Needless to say, we didn’t last long before we went to the closest mattress store and picked out the softest memory foam mattress we could find and hauled it home on the truck right then.  I slept better last night though. 

Unfortunately, a new mattress doesn’t make your head cold go away, so I’m still not 100%. 

Speaking of cold, that reminds me, I must go turn the temp back up.  I’m sitting here shivering and KC isn’t even home. 

But anyway…it’s all good. 

So I just finished this book the other night by Randall Arthur called Wisdom Hunter.  It’s totally fiction, but I found myself re-reading over parts of it because for a fiction book, it has a lot of non-fiction truths in it.  Diversity versus Uniformity for example…diversity makes you think/reason.  Uniformity destroys your need for thinking and lets you harden into a set way of thinking…a lot could be said about that, but Jesus obviously favored diversity or he would have made different choices in his disciples.  I considered posting a few other quotes but I’m undecided on whether or not I want to post anything else controversial right now.  LOL.  I’ll keep thinking about it…I might reconsider.  =) 

Munchkin’s field day was yesterday.  Bless her heart, she is way better in academics than in athletics.  She does want to try out for the swim team over the summer though, so that’s probably where we’ll head on Saturday.  She is pretty good at that form of athletics.  =) 

Anyway, got a lot to get done and nothing getting done at the moment so I better jet. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Pinterest Rocks

I don’t get very much time to browse these days but I found this one on there a few weeks ago and I really like this quote. 

It’s such a nice way to say “mind your own business.”  LOL. 

As someone who spends lots of time working hard on that very thing, I can vouch for the fact that it’s definitely easier to say it than to do it. 

It’s way easier to assume and cast judgment based on your limited perceptions of people and situations, than it is to remember that you yourself have been on the receiving end of unmerited grace more often than you deserve and that you should just mind your own business.

It’s human nature.  But that doesn’t mean it should be acceptable.  And I’m talking about myself…which is why I try to spend more time improving myself than criticizing others.   

Wednesday, May 09, 2012


So we flew in to LGA on Thursday around 11 and hit the ground…running (and then riding in a taxi with a crazy New IMG_1556ewebYork driver).  LOL. 

One of my favorite things from Thursday was getting to see Sister Act On Broadway.  That was amazing.  The way they do the scene changes and the choreography and the amazing live harmony….inCREDible! 

We even had seats on the third row…close enough that a couple of times we got to watch the singers “shower” the conductor standing in front of the orchestra pit just below the stage….lol.  It was well worth the price of tickets.  (The photo is from their website, taken by Joan Marcus, and links back to the show’s site…I just used it because photographs during the show weren’t permitted. =)


Probably should have skipped that GIANT blackout cupcake right before Sister Act though…lol.  Before that, I never would have thought there would be a thing as TOO MUCH chocolate.  LOL


If you’re friends with me on facebook, there are a bunch more pictures on there than I will have time/space to share here, but here’s one of the shots of the view from our room. 

The room was awesome, too…I didn’t take any pictures (don’t know what I was thinking) but it was like living in an Ikea showroom.  One room, and it had a couch, bed, and also had a large fridge/freezer, stovetop burner, microwave, sink…basically all the stuff you would need to COOK in your room if you were staying longer than a day or two.  And the shower was made for tall people…I LOVE lucking out and getting a room in which you don’t have to duck to get under the shower head.  =)  SWEET!


KC loves cemeteries (and so do I…as long as I’m not taking up permanent residence there), so we went through this one at Trinity Church.  Alexander Hamilton was buried there, along with Robert Fulton (the guy who invented the steamship), and a couple of others that we recognized either their names or their accomplishments.  Pretty amazing.  IMG_1634eweb

The food was intense.  Thankfully, there was so much walking, we didn’t gain too many extra pounds coming home.  Haha.  I have to look for a bright side on the walking because the other side of it was PAINFUL.  You don’t know walking in the south…we all get in the car to run across the street.  Everybody walks up there!  From one side of the city to the other.  =)  IMG_1650eweb

They also ride the subway…which is not a great place for you if you are a germaphobe with personal space issues. I am all of the above.  But it beat walking, and in theory, I love the idea of subways.  =) 

Central Park was pretty awesome, too.  All this green space right in the middle of the city.  We even saw Michael J Fox walking his dog right outside Central Park.  Our only major celebrity sighting.  Pretty awesome. 


IMG_1740ewebTimes Square at night was CRAZY.  We were hanging out waiting for a show that was supposed to start in the middle of TS but this crazy dude who’s only apparent purpose was giving Christianity a bad name started ranting and making a scene.  We tried to stick it out but eventually decided to just head back.  Some people are nuts.  Apparently a lot of those “some” people hang out in places like NYC.  LOL.  

And then the four of us plus Matt (who met us there in NY) in front of our hotel right before we all split up to go home.  =(


All in all, an amazing trip!

Monday, May 07, 2012

No Pictures Yet

I was going to post all about our trip tonight before I forget all the cool stuff, but I have spent the entire evening editing photos from the trip. 

Sheesh…I didn’t think I took that many, but I ended up with lots of photos.  I’m saving them up though…gonna overload the internet all at once.  Haha.  =) 

Except these…this was one of the only birds that wasn’t camera shy…lol.  All the others would fly up within 3 feet of me and I’d lift my camera and then they would turn around and pop their rear up in the air for my shot.  LOL. 


And now I’m going to bed…I’m super tired still.  =)

Friday, May 04, 2012

PSA #498 & 499

As a public service (because I'm nice like that), I feel it's important to let you know that apparently church girls in floor sweeper skirts are flagged in airport security lines to get the royal patdown.  And yes, I was told, it's the skirt...we do it to all floor length skirts.  So FYI, if you have personal space issues, wear a short skirt when you fly. 

Also, the culture here is a bit different than the culture in the southern "bible belt" area where I come from...LOL.  Perhaps I've just been a little sheltered....which is a pretty good possibility...and that's not totally a bad thing....

Just a couple observations from our trip so far.  =)  And so far, it's been a blast!  I just wouldn't want to actually LIVE here.  =)  But the giant Hershey's store and the giant M&M's store and Times's so cool! 

And now, off to have MORE fun. =)