Sunday, April 08, 2012

Random 13

#1 - I know Easter ISN’T about those things, but it’s pretty fun to wear coordinating springy outfits for church and see all the other pretty dresses…it’s like the flower garden bloomed.  =)  At church AND on Facebook…lol!


#2 – I have really good friends.  Not all of them are pictured, of course, but these are two of my favorite ones.  =)

_MG_3091eweb_MG_3095eweb#3 – Time to get the kids passports…if we want to be able to take them with us on any future cruises, that is…lol.  Not that I know when that will be, but better to have them now, than panic later…ACK…KC has rubbed off on me!  I just totally channeled him there! 

Kids5web#4 – Got another session posted…this one was a family with a new baby…new babies are challenging, but I think we got some good ones!  And the family is a really sweet one, so it was fun to work with them!  =) 

#5 – I forgot what I was going to say. 

#6 – I love Photoshop.

#7 – The kids are on spring break this week.  I may possibly not have any hair left by the end of the week…lol. 

#8 – But I think they might sleep in a little bit…and I might be right there with them…I won’t complain either.  LOL!

#9 – My to-do list this week includes getting my garden boxes painted so they will all match and look like part of the back yard décor…Dad says don’t paint them like flowers or they’ll attract too many bees.  KC will be happy to hear that I’m gonna have to stick to blah blah brown.  HAHA.

#10 – I missed my Sunday afternoon nap.  And I’m hoping to make up for it tomorrow morning between 6:25 and 8am.  Winking smile

#11 – I haven’t drank much Dr. Pepper this week.  I’ve cut back (regretfully).  *sigh*

#12 – The scale is liking me better this week.  I’m almost back to normal. 

#13 – It’s time to walk the dogs. 

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  1. I liked your random 13. :) Great pics too! :)


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