Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I Stink

Evidently I stink at doing the whole basic general updating business.  Because every time I think of blogging, the topics that come to mind come with a list of people that I know would be royally ticked off by what I think…and at least half of them probably check this blog every so often…and it would be just my luck that they would happen to check it at the time I posted a topic that would make them mad.  Haha. 

While we’re on the subject of things I stink at…being patient with the short people that live in my house.  Okay…who am I kidding…I stink at being patient with the tall people that live in my house, too. 

Also, I stink at keeping plants green.  I bought a handful today.  I choose plants based on price, not looks.  Because I know looks don’t last at my house, so we should definitely throw away the least amount of money possible. 

I also bought basil today but I didn’t care about the price on that…I just bought it because I love basil and I stink at resisting it. 

And that’s all I feel like saying…since my mood is a little stinky right now, too. 

As a side note, yesterday IskippedonthedailyshowerbecauseIwasjustbusyallday.  But today I scrubbed extra, so at least I don’t stink PHYSICALLY today.


  1. lol. Girl, you are crazy. :) (But in a good way.)

    I stink at sleeping. Wish I could do better in that area. Don't we all?

  2. don't be so hard on yourself. ;) you don't stink in the 'self control' department! there's a ton of things you could say, but don't. that counts for something, right? LOL

    love ya!


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