Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Good Day…

Well, I made it in before Wednesday, which seems to be my day for blogging…but just by the skin of my teeth.  LOL. 

Do teeth have skin anyway? 

_MG_2945ewebSo it’s not been a spectacular day or anything but the pictures I did yesterday turned out well (Thank God…I always fret that something will go wrong), and I got lots of exercise, and I didn’t have to battle anyone over homework, and I woke up this morning, and the PMS pills finally did their job, and I gained a little self-confidence…………

All things considered, a good day. 

So I got a phone call the other day, and in the conversation, my blog was likened to a suspense novel that never ends and you never find out the answers, so from henceforth on, I’ll do my best to keep my vague references to my personal difficulties to a minimum.  I won’t tell you who it was or what our conversation is about, because some people might not like it.  Uh…maybe I should try harder.  ROFL!

But it’s like I told them…it’s not that I really care all that much what people think of me (although…I really don’t want people to hate me…who really does?), I just know that if I spoke my mind on any number of topics, there are a number of people who might not exactly hate me, but I would never hear the end of it…and I just don’t wanna have to deal with some things. 

I think I’m right, they think they’re right, and I prefer amiable relationships to constant debate.  So some topics are better left un-talked about. 

So now I’m un-talking. 

How did I get here again? 

Yeah, it was a good day.  Hopefully a good night to follow.

And last night I had REALLY strange dreams.  No, I mean seriously weird dreams.  So weird that I can only remember random bits and pieces that wouldn’t even make sense to try to piece together, so I’m not even going to bother.  And since I’m coherent, I won’t bother by accident either.  KC likes to get me talking right when I’m still half asleep from a dream and think I’m still there, so I say really weird things and then as I become fully awake, I realize how goofy what I’m saying sounds and that he is laughing at me.  Thankfully, neither one of us ever remember the next morning, other than the fact that we had a conversation and one of us was laughing.  LOL. 

Okay…I’m leaving now.  Sweet dreams. =) 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I Stink

Evidently I stink at doing the whole basic general updating business.  Because every time I think of blogging, the topics that come to mind come with a list of people that I know would be royally ticked off by what I think…and at least half of them probably check this blog every so often…and it would be just my luck that they would happen to check it at the time I posted a topic that would make them mad.  Haha. 

While we’re on the subject of things I stink at…being patient with the short people that live in my house.  Okay…who am I kidding…I stink at being patient with the tall people that live in my house, too. 

Also, I stink at keeping plants green.  I bought a handful today.  I choose plants based on price, not looks.  Because I know looks don’t last at my house, so we should definitely throw away the least amount of money possible. 

I also bought basil today but I didn’t care about the price on that…I just bought it because I love basil and I stink at resisting it. 

And that’s all I feel like saying…since my mood is a little stinky right now, too. 

As a side note, yesterday IskippedonthedailyshowerbecauseIwasjustbusyallday.  But today I scrubbed extra, so at least I don’t stink PHYSICALLY today.

Friday, March 16, 2012


Loves company, don’t ya know? 

I did a little yoga with one of my friends last night.  I always thought yoga was just twisting your body into odd positions while you meditate on the universe.  Turns out yoga is actually exercise and I’m feeling it today.  *great big googly eyes*  LOL. 

Now if I can just make myself keep doing it alone.  Unfortunately, exercise is miserable, and misery loves company.  bwahaha. 


  • I’m blogging while I wait on my iPod to finish it’s software update.
  • I’m actually really hungry because I haven’t had breakfast and snack last night was nil since at the moment last night when I can usually be found vegging with a snack in one hand and computer mouse in the other, I was instead twisting up my body into a human pretzel. 
  • I want to go upstairs and find something unhealthy to eat.  But I have to wait on this stinkin update. 
  • At least this way, my blog will not fall victim to another entire week without a post.
  • I love Fridays.
  • My iPod just beeped.  I think it might be finished.
  • Wait…now my apps need updating. 
  • I’m really hungry. 
  • I’m going to stop with the play by play randomness. 
  • You’re welcome.  =)

Monday, March 12, 2012

In My Head

Well, it’s been a week since my last post.  I have to say…I am becoming a FANTASTIC mental blogger. 


That could be a good thing.  But it’s not so good if you’re nuts enough to want to read the actual words on the physical blog. 

I’m thinking it’s a bad thing though that I have so many unspeakable things in my head.  Typical…but bad. 

I don’t know how to fix it either, other than going anonymous or just letting everything fly here…either way could be dangerous.  LOL. 

Some of it goes back to my last post (which, by the way, thanks for the commiserating comments…ya’ll are great!) and some of it branches out into other areas of my brain which are conflicting and confused. 

I’m pretty sure if I let it all out here though, I would be making the case and providing all the evidence necessary for the people who are looking for reasons to dislike me.  Yeah, I know…hard to imagine that people wouldn’t like me…but…uh…see prior post.  Not so hard to imagine.  And I guess providing more reason would probably make my life un-necessarily miserable.  SO I’ll keep it to myself and try to go back to your basic everyday blah blah blah updates. 

Even though I don’t really “get” people…I still actually “like” people (most of the time) and prefer not to make social interactions any more difficult than they already are for me.  LOL. 

Speaking of difficult…I volunteered to help out at a fundraiser breakfast on Saturday morning as a server (waitress) for three hours…talk about out of my comfort zone!  I knew most of the other volunteers, so that part wasn’t so bad, but walking up to tables of total strangers and remembering orders and pouring refills and carrying trays of food without dropping anything….definitely a challenge, but I succeeded, so that was a plus.  Haha.


KC and I went out on Friday night with another couple to Olive Garden (KC’s parents had the kids, so we had some grownup time for my birthday…woohoo).  And it was extra nice because we’ve been friends with the other couple for like 20+ years, so it was totally in my comfort zone!  LOL.  And then us girls split off to go shopping at the mall because we SO weren’t interested in going to the Tool store.  Hahaha.  I even spent a little bit of money without feeling guilty since it was my birthday present…lol.  I’d totally put the night up there at the top of my ideas for a perfect birthday. 

Now it’s Monday…and the Monday after the time-change no less, so I am totally dragging.  Haven’t gotten ANYTHING done today.   =/ 


There’s all the blah blah update I can come up with for now, so I guess I’ll head off and try to be productive for the afternoon.  =) 

Monday, March 05, 2012

I Don’t Get People

And I don’t think people get me either.   

In the past week, I’ve blogged at least 10 times.  And all ten times, I’ve thought…you know what?  I better not say that. 

So I didn’t.  But I still want to.  So now I get to write a blog post while resisting the temptation to give in and say it anyway.  It’s easier to avoid temptation if you just avoid the thing all together.  That’s probably why people choose the easy route and live life in total abstinence of things that might be a challenge to balance appropriately.  Me, on the other hand…I like to do things the hard way.  LOL.

Maybe that doesn’t make sense.  Like I said…people don’t get me either. 

But here’s my thing.  Why can’t we all just get along?  Why do we have to do things that just poke at each other?  Why does it matter if you believe one way and I believe another?   Why can’t we just live and let live…and for heaven’s sake, kill the tension and drama.  Can’t we overlook the human in people if we expect them to overlook the human in us?  Sheesh. 

Maybe that’s why I’m socially inept.  I don’t do well with the politics of social interaction.  I have to work at it, and most of the time, I feel like an utter failure. 

Oops, was I supposed to give them a hug?  Did I miss my cue?  Did they notice that I didn’t catch their name?  Uh, what should I say now?  Oops…that must be a sensitive topic, how do I get out of this one?  Oh my, that didn’t sound right…gotta fix it, gotta fix it!  Oh no…that didn’t help either…how do I get out of this?  Oh look, time to go…should I shake hands or am I supposed to hug them now or just do nothing and say bye?  They look like this is awkward…uh….what do I do, what do I do?  Are they going to take it the wrong way if I just say bye?  Oh no, they’re coming in for a hug…should I put my arms over or under….hope my deodorant is still working…or maybe a side hug would be more appropriate…no no no…I turned my head the wrong way and we knocked heads…how awkward….

Welcome to a small piece of my brain.  Yep…it’s pretty twisted. 

And this is one of the many reasons I LOVE my husband…he’s like the social wizard…when he’s around, I’m only half as awkward.  LOL. 

I don’t even know why I’m saying all this…confessing my faults, I guess.  It’s better now than it used to be, so I guess my hard work on this area is not totally for nothing, but it still irks me pretty frequently.  *sigh* 

So for the record, if you ever spend any time with me in person and I am acting really weird or saying the dumbest things…now you know why.  LOL. 

And this is probably the reason that I’m quite forgiving of others social misdeeds…within reason.  LOL.  If you’re obviously creating unnecessary drama, repeatedly…well, that’s a different story.  LOL.

And that’s the edited version of my last ten blogs.  It might not make any sense, but since you’re reading my blog, you probably didn’t expect to come here and get sense.  HA. =)

I’m going away now…I have the drama queen upstairs going off about her math problems.  Which brings up another point…why is everything always everyone else’s fault?  You make your own choices…own it.  Don’t be saying it’s the teacher’s fault for making you hurry when you’re the one who spent all your math time talking to your friends in class and then scribbled down wrong answers in the last five minutes and then have a weeks worth of failed math papers that you have to bring home and correct.  Yuck.  That irks me, too.  I’d say it’s an age thing and it’s not till you get older that you realize, duh…it really IS my bad choices, but there are some people way older than myself who have yet to realize this. 

Okay…putting the soapbox away for REAL now.  =) =)  The tantrum upstairs is escalating.  Gotta go.