Monday, February 06, 2012


Okay, so as much as I wish I could say I have “AFTER” photos…this is the next best thing…


And can I just say I’m REALLY glad that the sanding step is done? 


That is just one stack of the doors that I was working on sanding last week. 

And here is a random puppy picture.  They were enjoying the sunshine on the day I was sanding out on the back deck.  LOL. Ain’t she gaw-geous?  Yeah, I thought so.  Obi was, too, but he’s more difficult to get a good picture of…lol. 


Back to home renovations…doors off the cabinets and everything sanded…almost time to paint….


And now primer is on, and three coats of paint.  Cabinet frames are pretty much finished unless we just happen to see a spot that needs touch-up.  Ta-da…


Woot…getting there.  K-man prayed tonight that God would please help mom and dad fix the kitchen….and please put the doors back where they belong. 

I literally laughed out loud.  (After I left the room, of course…hahahaha…he was too serious about it to laugh when I was standing there listening to him pray….ROFL). 

Anyway…I’m exhausted and KC’s already beat me to bed, so I’m off.  That’s the update in a nutshell…

Oh, yes, and I’m losing my marbles…and other random objects that have various levels of importance in day to day life…but that’s not really an update…since ya’ll probably already thought that about me…hahaha. 

Also, I really have not been very good about my levels of Dr. Pepper intake…this kitchen has driven me to drink.  Dr. Pepper. 

And I was leaving…I almost forgot. 


  1. ahahaha It will look awesome when you get done for sure. Beautiful kitchen though.....I still have to paint I so no like painting.


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