Wednesday, February 22, 2012


So I’m listening to one of those morning shows on the local Christian radio station this morning as I was taking the kids to school…and they’re talking about how they were in there at 6 in the morning and the girl comes in to get the trash first thing in the morning….

And I had a moment. 

A moment where I really missed my old job. 

The job where there were dj’s just down the hall in the studio and I was in my office bright and early in the morning and everything was quiet because I was one of the few people who was ever there bright and early…and I had plenty of peace to work on my projects (and occasionally take a few seconds to blog…that was back in the day when I posted way more frequently since I was on a computer every day/all day). 

And the super sweet cleaning lady always came in REALLY early (before me, even) and would come in and get my trash and tell me good morning and stop and chat for a moment.  And then I would get back to my work and she would go on down the hall to the next office. 

Now I AM the cleaning lady.  And I’m not nearly so cheerful and sweet.  (I’m sure the fact that I have no paycheck to pick up from the business office every month has nothing to do with that…lol)

But it is really nice to be able to go back to bed if I want…and not have those afternoons where it seems like 5:00 will NEVER arrive.  And not have to drive forever and a day to get home…

Okay.  I’m good now.  =)

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  1. If you would delete the sentence about "no paycheck to pick up from the business office" I would be jealous of not having afternoons where 5:00 drags out. My clue that it's past time to go home is when the cleaning people come by to get my trash. Go back to bed for me tomorrow and I'll pick up the check this week - deal? :)


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