Saturday, January 07, 2012

This Day

So I have been trying to get back into being a good creative team member since I was such a slacker in December on the digi-scrap stuff….and this new kit came out today at Funky Playground:

And when I looked at it, it seriously reminded me of my grandma who recently passed away…those were some of her favorite colors and it has a little bit of a retro feel, so I thought I’d do a page about some of my memories of her. 

alwaysremember weblg

(Images are linked to the kit.  Fonts: Chopin Script, Myriad Pro.  Page Inspiration: Ali Edwards.  Picture of Grandma’s house was painted by Grandma many years ago, and I took a picture of her painting.)

Scrapbooking stuff like that is healing I think.  Anyway.  I need to scrapbook how annoying ADHD is….maybe that would help me not be so annoyed with people who have it.  LOL.  Because at the moment I can hear upstairs, a child who is supposed to be playing the computer and all she is doing is rolling around in the computer chair…..  I have such a low tolerance for some things.  Stupid things bug me.  Particularly on days when I am…um…needing Midol.  But I am way off topic now.  LOL. 

All the banging and rolling around on the floor above my head is removing all my (already limited) ability to think coherently (although it isn’t hindering me from using large words…hahaha)….however, with that lack of coherent thought, I’m going to leave now….I need a Dr. Pepper.l 


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  1. Anonymous12:47 AM

    I love this page created it beautifully using this kit.


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