Thursday, January 26, 2012

Run, Run, Rudolf (or Faith)

Yes, I know…wrong season.  But on the run, I am…

So I get online to blog really quick before running out again, and I decide to check all my favorite places first…next thing I know, whoa…better hurry if I want to blog before our afternoon appointment.  LOL. 

But first, I have to grab those pics off my camera…and web-size them.  Oh no…only two minutes left now. 


As the dust on my stove so appropriately states:


And as I say that, my time is up…I HAVE to go…the kids bus will be here in about 5 minutes and then straight from the bus stop to the next appointment.  MUST GO NOW.  SO….I will try to come back later tonight with the rest of those pictures and an update on our disaster zone.  =) 

Please come back later.   =)

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