Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Quick Pic Update…

Or…maybe quick.  We’ll see how wordy I get.  I have both dogs and a computer in my lap, and typing is a challenge…so quick is a DEFINITE possibility. 

Okay…one dog moved.  Winking smile 

So to recap….if you haven’t seen our kitchen, it used to look like this:


And honestly, the tile was likeable…but not in this kitchen and not for a countertop and food prep area.  The whole kitchen had the same color going on…cabinets, counters, floor…all honey colored.  And the counters were discust-o.  No matter how much you scrub and disinfect and wipe, they always felt nasty.  I am SO ready for smooth, easy clean, countertops. 

By the way, both dogs moved.  This post just got longer.  Haha. 

Anyway, now we’ve got the first stage of ripping off the backsplash (which took the sheetrock, too).


Then the picture I put on the other post….yow city.  By the way, the counter here, we took off with the tile still on it.  KC and I carried them out to his truck.  They were so light, I really didn’t even need KC’s help to get them on the truck…hahaha…I’m totally being sarcastic!  In reality, we nearly broke our backs…and various other pretty important body parts (fingers, necks…come to think of it, they are all pretty important when it’s a question of which one you’d want to be broken…lol).

Dogs are back.  Anyway…here’s after we started putting new sheetrock back in…


Here’s the room next to the kitchen….aka…the room the kitchen threw up into….

And the dogs who are currently in the recliner with me…


And finally…

No, it’s not an after.  It’s just where we are now…sheetrock is back up on this side of the room and first layer of tape and putty is on…yippee. 


Next stop, the desk area on the other side of the kitchen which still needs sheetrock…

And then counters.

And then paint (ugh)

And then backsplash….

Dear heavenly father, help us. 

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