Saturday, January 21, 2012

A New Day

Well, my thumb knuckle is only slightly sore now….time to go bust some more tile and hopefully not my knuckles again.  =)  I am READY for my kitchen back and it’s only been a few days!! 

We were going to paint the cabinets white, but after going to look at the countertop options last night, and checking out the different sample kitchens, we decided that if we just yank out the tile and backsplash (and fix the wall behind the backsplash) that MAYBE just a new countertop will make the kitchen really nice.  And then if that doesn’t cut it….THEN we’ll paint. 

I would just love not to paint them…that’s the downside of a large kitchen…so….*fingers crossed*

BUT…regardless of paint, that tile has got to go…and then we got to put up new sheetrock on the backsplash area because the tile ain’t going without a fight…and the current sheetrock is DEFINITELY the loser of that battle. 

And that’s the agenda for today.  Time to get started. 

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  1. Good luck in the remodel project! We try to do one project at a time, but we kind of have 3 going on right. Although Hubs is doing his best to get the living room down first before finishing the hallway. But now we have the nursery to do too. The hope was to have the living room finished today, but it looks like we might need one more Sat. to finish. :( While I am happy to be getting this project worked on, I am SO READY to have my living room back in on piece! Course, having kitchen torn apart has to be much worse.


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