Wednesday, January 18, 2012


And this is what happens when I need something to blog about and don’t want to talk about what I’m REALLY thinking about these days.  LOL! 

But…I gotta say that laughter is the best medicine. 

Go Homeschools…lol….

And I’ve also heard that running is another good medicine…I’m considering it.  So far I haven’t gotten off the couch.  LOL.  Wait…I take that back…I did jog a little bit yesterday…all the way to the pantry for another cookie.  ROFL. 

Food…is NOT a good medicine.  Just saying.

I haven’t had a Dr. Pepper in 2 days.  This is why I need medicine. 

Also, the Anonymous commenter on my last post…I’m so sorry you didn’t care for my humor…I’m assuming--because you care more about my finger than my humor--you must be a parent…probably one of mine.  And um…yesterday I hammered my thumb knuckle instead of the chisel about 5 good times when I was demo-ing the tile in the kitchen.  Just thought you should know, since you care about my fingers. 

And I’m not kidding this time. 

Did you know that if you hit your thumb knuckle with a hammer about 5 times (I lost count, honestly) it turns black and purple almost instantly and gets a knot on it and you can’t use your hand very well for a couple of days? 

And…um…can you come kiss it better?  Winking smile 

Now I’m kidding.  But JUST about the “kiss it” part.  LOL

Goodnight.  =) 


  1. Hahaha! :) That was a good laugh.

  2. First, I couldn't quit watching the dude's eyebrows. Second, sadly (or not so sadly) I know home schoolers who represented each of the "debunked myths"... Just saying that stereotypes usually have a reason for existing. Then again, Faith, Jules and I were home schooled and are 110% NORMAL.


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