Monday, January 16, 2012


Evidently Winter decided to get into character.  I have been SO cold today.  I can’t find anywhere in this house that’s warm and cozy except my lovely, lovely bed with the two furry bed-warmers otherwise known as my puppies.  

Unfortunately, it’s pretty difficult to accomplish anything (other than snoozing) from that warm and cozy spot, so I’ve just resigned myself to freezing. 

I still didn’t get a whole lot done today, but I did get one of the garments on my “to be fixed” pile fixed and moved into the closet.  It wasn’t anything major, just one of those awkward length skirts (you know, the kind that are supposed to be floor length, but due to my height, stopped about 4 inches above my ankles…YUCK).  It was an Aeropostale skirt that I ran across at the thrift store and it fit so nicely everywhere else…so I cut it off, sewed up the weird side splits, and then hemmed it up (the right way, not just sewing a line of stitching across the bottom raw edge to keep it from raveling too far….lol).  It’s cute now. 

The nice thing about being so cold today is that it was natural numbing for when I sewed through my index finger…didn’t even feel it….ROFL. 

I’m kidding.  I didn’t sew through my finger. 

I’m not kidding about it being cold though.  LOL. 

Maybe if this continues, going snow tubing up in the mountains might actually be a reasonable possibility… I mean…some recent days the weather would seem to be more in favor of tanning in a pool float rather than riding it down a snow-covered mountain.  ;-)


  1. Anonymous9:04 AM

    That wasn't funny!! Don't do that to me...(sewing your finger....)

  2. You're funny. In a good way. lol. :)


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