Sunday, January 08, 2012

Ba Da Bing

photo (3)photo (2)photo (4)

MMM….hubby wins major points.  =)  And they cost him nothing (right place, right time…woohoo…lol) …BONUS points!  *GRIN*  I’m typically not a fan of the hubby bringing me flowers…because even though they’re gorgeous, I can always think of more lasting ways to spend that money, but if they don’t COST anything?  Hey….WIN WIN.  =) 

Anyway…they’re beautiful…and I’ve totally enjoyed them. 

Speaking of enjoying….I created something I think I might turn into a t-shirt…..a spin-off of those keep calm posters…


Suits me….don’t ya think?  =)


  1. wrote you a email esponse to smash books

  2. Yes, if made into a t-shirt, it suits ya! :) If you do make a shirt, make 2 and I'll pay ya for one. :) Unless, of course, you want to be different from everyone else. lol.


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