Sunday, November 13, 2011



Wow.  We happened upon this today in our travels…we must have came upon it (it was on the other side) not long after it happened, but this picture was several hours (3+) later and it still looked like this.  We could see traffic was still backed up when we were heading home, so we picked an alternate route back to 85.  So sad for the family and those involved.  And I’m thankful we didn’t go through any earlier…would have hated for any stray bullets to happen our way. 

I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many lighted vehicles in one place at one time.  When we first saw all the lights, we were like, that must be a doozy of a wreck, and then we got closer and it’s ONE car off the road and doesn’t look that damaged, but there was crime scene tape all around the area…yeah, I was like, that wasn’t *JUST* a wreck.  Crazy!

Anyways, yesterday…photo (1)

Yesterday I was thankful for chocolate. 

Oh my heavens. 

Yes, I ate it all. 

Yes, it was oh, so good…


Today I was not thankful for yesterday’s chocolate.  lol. 

Today, I’m just thankful we didn’t go through that area of SC any earlier today.  =) 


  1. That's def. something to be thankful about! Thank the Lord for keeping His hand of mercy on you while you travelled.

  2. I hardly ever comment on your posts, but I read all of them. Anyways....I'm in law enforcement....and that for sure was no wreck. If I were a betting girl, I'd think it was a shooting.

  3. Absolutely, Jules.

    And hi, Dawn...thanks for the comment....wonderful to "meet" you! You are absolutely right, too. We looked it up after we got home and the guy ran from the cops and then when he wrecked, pulled a gun on the cops and they shot him. Apparently he will survive but some of the others involved in the whole ordeal weren't so blessed. Sad for the families. :-(


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