Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Still Working

The one big bummer about vacations is the trying to get everything caught up when you get back.  I’ve only had a small amount of time to work on pictures but I think I’m almost done with all the pictures that are worth sharing.  I was really bummed that the underwater camera pics didn’t IMG_1094ewebturn out well at all.  I probably won’t even bother scanning most of them into the computer.  Maybe one or two but that will probably be it…*sigh*  Oh well.  Next investment…a real waterproof case for a real (digital) camera…lol. 

Oh well.  I could post the pictures I’ve already edited tonight, but I don’t have time to write a post about them all, so I will have to hold them until I have time to write. 

Except that one picture over there just snuck in here somehow…I have no idea how it got there…*innocent face* LOL! 

And KC is already ready for bed so I am going to wrap it up for tonight. 

Adios.  =)

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  1. Did you use a disposable underwater camera? I've been wondering if they did well or not.


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