Thursday, November 10, 2011


Seriously, that’s what I’m thankful for today.  *grin*  This week, I have ROCKED the leftovers…lol. 

I hate leftovers normally, but this week, I made them WORK and I LOVE that!  Not to mention, it made suppers this week, like, way easier! 

I took my Crockpot Italian Chicken to the neighbors on Saturday night and we had 4 pieces leftover.  So Tuesday night, I heated up a couple of those and made a pot of rice to go with them.  Wednesday, I shredded up the remaining two pieces and put one of them in the freezer for later, and the other (with a little of the leftover sauce), went into something kinda like Pampered Chef’s Chicken Ring.  I used two tubes of the crescent rolls and instead of triangles, I pinched two triangles together to make squares and put a pile of shredded saucy chicken, a scoop of leftover rice, and a sprinkling of leftover diced peppers (extra from Tuesday’s soup) and then closed them up and baked them. 

My rice hatin’ dislikin’ hubby and son ate them right up and I was in love with the fact that it was yummy and didn’t taste ANYTHING like leftovers. 

And today, I had leftover soup for lunch (Pioneer Woman’s Corn and Cheese Chowder from Tuesday) and it was SOOO good…again. 

And tonight I made broccoli and reheated the rest of the leftover rice from Tuesday night (and made sandwich-y things for my non-green-cooked-veggie eating boys).  LOL. 

If I could do that EVERY week, boy howdy…I might not hate leftovers anymore!!! 

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  1. I'm hungry! I'm still thinking about that soup and have saved the recipe on my "favorites". It's great when leftovers work out like that. I don't mind eating the same meal twice in a row. (Like dinner and then lunch.) But it sure is nice to mix it up a bit now and again. Glad it worked out, like that, for you this week. :o) Happy Trails!


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