Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Monday Messages–Tuesday Edition

Dear Monday,
Why is it that I always walk away from you wondering, “What happened?”  Try this on for size: “Monday, the day everything GOOD happens.”  Isn’t that a much better image to strive for?  Yes, I think so, too. 
Not Lovin’ It

Dear Tuesday,
Quit following Monday’s footsteps.  And yes, I know my getting sick has nothing to do with your day, but you make an excellent scape-goat. 
Itsall Myfault

Dear Week,
How bout we just start with Hump Day next week.  It’s not like the calendar isn’t already flying by anyways!  Why NOT skip a few days altogether?!
Wasntit Just January

Dear Body,
You traitor.  I want to DO something.  Or even if I didn’t, I would like to FEEL like I could.  Oh yes, and while I’m ranting at you, could you please decide on whether you’re hot or cold?  Blanket or perspiring…which is it going to be?
-Just Tired

Dear Mom & Dad…
Seriously?  You guys are the best.  I say that all the time…I know.  But that’s cause it’s always true.  Thanks for the soup.  And *arrghh…growling under my breath* thanks for the catnip tea, too.  LOL.  I have drank about half the thermos already and it’s so healthy it’s disgusting!  I appreciate it though…anything to make me feel better…although if you see me floating away, please throw me a rope.  Teehehe.  Also, thanks for the juice and for adding sugar to the tea, because that makes it just a little easier to take.  =) =)  Oh yes, and thanks for bringing it to me, too, since I was not up to coming over there today.  I wouldn’t trade you guys for any other parents, ever…yes, dad, even if you had decided to play the harmonica in the airport…LOL! 
Your Baby Girl

Dear Blog,
So sorry you’ve been neglected…life’s been a little busy.  Nothing like a little ‘forced’ slow down to give me a little free time to write something.  Under the circumstances, I can’t say I’m happy about it, but I will say that I really appreciate you always being here when I DO have time to write.  I’m giving serious, SERIOUS consideration about killing my FB relationship and spending more time with you instead.  How would you feel about that?  I know, I don’t spend much time there either, but a wise person once said (don’t ask me who it was, cuz I don’t know…I’m just sure someone must have already said it and if they did, they’re wise) that the little minutes matter…and a few extra here and a few extra there can make a big difference.  So…like I said, I’m just thinking about it but…I’m not quite 100% certain yet. 

Dear World,
Okay, this is it.  I’m floating away now.  ACK.  *thump thump thump* (that’s me…running to the water closet) BWAHAHAHA


  1. Anonymous11:05 AM

    You should listen to your kids. They wanted the catnip tea!!! Dad said you will never know the response to his playing the harmonica in the airport, because he refrained from doing so. What if it had changed someone's life? LOL

  2. Sorry you aren't feeling well and your week seems to be sick too. :( Bummer.

  3. Sorry your still not feeling good friend! But thanks for posting!!! :)

  4. Hope you getting to feeling better soon, friend!

    I've been considering getting rid of FB myself, but have not totally sold myself to the idea yet. I have down-sized (even again today), so we'll see how that goes. :o)


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