Wednesday, October 12, 2011


No more Sweet Tomato Designs.  I’m so sad.  It’s really bummed me out…here’s my last design with her stuff.  You can still watch her blog though, she said she may occasionally post free templates.  =) 

This template was in her 365 Templates Pack and I’m definitely hanging on to all this stuff from my time with the team.  LOL.  Must back up all my files just in case.  haha. 

CSC Field Trip weblg

Anyways, this page is K-man’s field trip and I used Beach Cantina by Sweet Tomato and Dominic Designs (I think)

Fonts are Century Gothic, Pea Mee Mee & Pea Sadie from

Anywho…yes, I’m still alive.  Had a zillion things going on…this week is a little quieter but then again not really.  Last week was K-man’s field trip, fall festival at the kids school, K-man’s birthday party…and you know how it goes…the prep and stuff to get/do for those kinds of things just takes up almost as much or more time than the actual event. 

I could go into all kinds of details but it would take up way too much time and (probably) be boring to most of you.  LOL. 

For now I’ll just stick with the basics: I’m alive, I’m busy, and I miss ya’ll…which is why I popped in to say hello.  Some of you folks could stand to do the same…*hint hint* 

From experience, the longer you wait between posts, the harder it is to jump back into it.  lol.  I used to do that in my journals.  Write regularly for awhile and then skip a year or so and try to catch up with a crazy long update.  Haha.  Actually, those crazy updates were kinda funny since the things I always decided were important to update were who I now liked or why it was the same one (IF it was the same one…hahah).  The munchkin, she is following in my footsteps…convinced that all the boys in her class are in love with HER and even fifth graders are in love with her.  LOL…I told her that I could speak from experience and say that the only fifth graders who would like a second grader are probably very desperate.  Bwahaha.  Yes, I’m mean. 

You just now figured that out?  Munchkin REALLY thinks so…especially since I made her work on her report on bald eagles tonight instead of playing.  And she griped and complained and whined for two hours instead of working on it, so I told KC that tomorrow, instead of watching a movie, she gets to stay upstairs and work on her report.  And then HE said I’m mean. 

Here’s what I say…Munchkin’s teacher intimidates me (she’s very nice, really, and Munchkin likes her, but I just get the feeling that she could be tough) and I don’t want to have to explain to her why Munchkin’s report is late…so I’m going to make sure it’s NOT late.  HAHA.

Okay, somehow this post grew…so I’m going away now. 

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  1. The fact that her teacher intimidates you makes me smile. Maybe I'm the "mean" one now. lol. It made me think of ppl that I was intimidated by when I first started working at MVP. Put on a brave face for Munchkin! :o) I really like your layout. The fact that you split one picture up into 3, caught my eye. Nice work!


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