Wednesday, September 07, 2011


My ankle has been bugging me a bit today.  What a bummer.  I can still walk on it though, so I guess it’s not broke.  LOL.  In case you’re not friends with me on facebook, here was my status last night:

“In some twist of unfortunate events, I didn't JUST inherit MY family's messed up genes (nothing personal, mom, EVERY family has messed up genes to pass on to unsuspecting, but I ALSO inherited my hubby's mother's klutz gene (talk about not fair!). Tonight I fell going UP the stairs. Bummer.”

So yes, I fell up the stairs last night.  I was just running up to put the kids in bed and my foot slipped off the stair and I came down on it twisted underneath me.  I almost cried, but I lived to tell the tale.  Better than the alternative.  LOL. 

I met mom for lunch today…that was fun…kinda like old times when we used to work together!  *grin*  We hit up a thrift store and then had lunch.  She was disappointed in the thrift store, but I found a great, like new, twin mattress/box springs (which they couldn’t “SELL” so they gave it to me…and then after that, I made a “donation” to the cause).  LOL.  I wasn’t mad about it, I’ve been waiting for a deal like that. 

Totally unrelated topic, I decided to do this “Drawing Challenge” and draw one thing a day for 30 days.  So far I have done a self-portrait (okay, so it looks like I’ve aged and gained weight, but it sorta still looks like me…hahah), a picture of my favorite animal (yep, I drew one of my dogs…but it doesn’t really look like the dog I drew, it just looks like a dog, which works, and that way neither dog will think I’m playing favorites…like they’d care anyway but I’m sidetracked now…where was I?), and my favorite food.  I took a really bad picture with my ipod and emailed it to myself so I would have something to post in here.  Ready for it?  Ready? 

*deep breath* 

Okay…here it is:


Okay, so favorite drink isn’t on the list, so I snuck it in with my brownie (in case you can’t tell what that was supposed to be). 

And I bought paint today.  So I will probably disappear for a few more days to paint some rooms in this here house…and hopefully be back sometime with some before/after photos.  =) 



  1. Your list of talents never ends, does it? Well, I think the talent of falling UP the stairs is one you might want to consider getting rid of. The alternative of the twisted ankle? Let's just say I've been there and don't wish it on anyone.

  2. Missed this post! Great idea for drawing something for 30 days! Maybe I should do that. I haven't drawn a "real" picture in ages! I say "real" b/c I always doodle on my church notes. Like little stick figures praying or stick crosses. Sometimes flowers. LOL. Yes, it helps me concentrate! :o)

    PS. I could tell it was a brownie! ;o)


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