Monday, August 15, 2011

Sun & Sand…

What a combination! 

I love the beach. 

So do these guys: IMG_0465eweb

It’s been an interesting day.  Someone set off the smoke alarms while cooking.  Someone stopped up a toilet.  A couple of someone’s fell in love with “surfing” (which was actually just riding the boogie boards on the edge of the waves).  Someone got a little sunburned.  Someone got grouchy.  Someone liked to roll in the sand after they were rinsed off. 

(oh and I am not any of the someone’s up there….ahahaha)

But speaking of sand….

sandbetweenmytoes weblg

Andddd…someone’s ready for bed.  THAT someone’s ME!

(scrapbook page is linked if you want to see the credits)


  1. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Wish we were @ the beach right now!! Have fun


  2. Wow. You have time to enjoy the beach AND create a page/blog!!! :o) Looks great! Looking forward to my trip soon!


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